Protecting Polished Concrete Floors with Sealers

To protect polished concrete long-term, you’ll need the three vital sealers: penetrating, semi-penetrating guards and topical sealers, the main categories of stain protectors for polished concrete. Overall, each has its own features and benefits, and its own required upkeep schedule.

How to Protect Polished Concrete

The final step in the concrete polishing process involves the application of a stain

protector. Providing protection from discoloring penetrating stains and chemical etches, stain protection is vital to the long-term aesthetics of polished concrete. 

3 Types of Polished Concrete Sealers

1. Penetrating sealers

Made from a variety of silicones (silane, siloxane, silicate, and silicone) that penetrate deep into the surface. By sealing the access channels into the interior of the concrete, they shield against the infiltration of liquids. 

Because they allow the concrete to breathe, these products are a good option for outdoor surfaces. Ideal for industrial facilities that want to avoid frequent applications, they provide invisible protection to the flooring. 

Since these sealers are not a topical layer, they do not alter the surface appearance by creating additional gloss or sheen. Additionally, they are not subject to being abraded away by foot traffic. 

However, they can break down over time and will need reapplication periodically. Use a sprayer and microfiber to apply this type of sealer.

2. Semi-penetrating sealers

Often known as guard products, these have a topical aspect that will increase a floor’s surface sheen while also providing stain resistance and repelling water. 

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor concrete, these sealers (applied with a sprayer and microfiber) wear faster than polyurethanes and epoxies and need to be re-applied depending on the amount of foot traffic.

Topical sealers

Give the concrete a high glossy shine while forming a protective film on the surface, like polyurethane and epoxy. They are economical and easy to apply by spray or roller. These sealants repel water and provide a durable chemical and abrasive-resistant surface. 

Ideal for retail spaces where the vibrant color and high sheen of the flooring is an essential part of the design. They need to be re-applied periodically due to traffic wear, and some may turn yellow due to UV exposure. 

To prevent stains and scuffs, it requires regular maintenance to keep the surface looking its best.

Which Polished Concrete Sealer Is Right for My Floors?

The type of sealer you select determines the frequency and extent of routine maintenance. For industrial floors, penetrating stain protectors offer better protection and liquid repellency than topical sealers. 

Diamond Tooling Pads and When to Use Them

Because they are not a coating like topical products, stains and spills need to be removed promptly to prevent damage. Diamond-impregnated pads can be used to mechanically clean and maintain floors. These tooling pads come in a variety of grits for a variety of needs.

  • Enhance the natural gloss and shine
  • Deep scrub or strip a floor before recoating
  • Repair damage from stains and etching
  • Apply a light honing
  • Prepare a floor for sealer application

Burnishing and Burnishers

A flooring burnisher (or burnishing machine) is an abrasive machine that cleans and polishes the topmost layer of sealed concrete to give it a shiny look. You can commonly find floor burnishers in manufacturing plants, distribution warehouses, or anywhere with a well-maintained concrete floor. 

If you over-apply a sealer and need to remove a leftover haze or film, you can use a burnishing tool with a high-grit polishing pad to enhance gloss after reapplying the sealer or guard. The diamond-impregnated pad in conjunction with a burnisher will also eliminate the excess. 

Concrete Equipment Full-service Sales And Rental

Runyon Surface Prep is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the concrete polishing industry. 

What separates us from other equipment facilities? It’s our ability to provide our customers with a diverse equipment, product, and supply portfolio. 

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Assisting You Throughout the Process

Stain protectors, guards, and sealers are vital for ongoing polished concrete floor maintenance. 

Rather than perform contract work ourselves, we consult on job sites when necessary. With the backing of our vendors, Runyon Surface Prep offers support at any level, to assist in helping you get things done. We can deliver or ship wherever you need, or you can pick up your order from our facility.