Customer Testimonials

Runyon is by far the best!

“I’m a small business owner working on a remodel of my dog training facility, and amongst the hundreds of suppliers and vendors with whom I’ve had to deal, Runyon is by far the best. Angela has been the most helpful employee I think I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jenn Gavin
A Pleasant Dog and Super Goo

You’ve Got a Rockstar!

I just want you to know you’ve got a rockstar! I know you already know this. Anyway, thanks for your help on that tooling Vasco!
Ryan Dickinson
Custom Concrete Creations

Quick Order for a New Customer!

Thank you Kristen and Jayme for helping me with my order this week and getting it out the door so fast! Pretty awesome for a brand new customer (with limited training) on such a small order!

Kyle Smith

20 Years of Experience Chooses Runyon!

In my 20 years of work in the Surface Preparation Business, throughout the 428 towns and Cities in all of “Chicago-Land,” Runyon will be my ONLY choice for the toughest jobs. 

Ray Batten Jr.
Razor Rock Flooring

The Best Group of People to Work With!

The best group of people to work with! Top-Notch and helpful! They are always there to go the extra mile!

Dillan Mcarthur

THAT is what a solid business relationship is!

I purchased a propane concrete grinder from Runyon. Angela handled my purchase like a Boss! Odessa in shipping kept in close touch, and during some bumpy shipper problems, she stepped in and handled everything flawlessly. The freight company lost a component in transit, John in parts got the missing part out overnight, boom, done! Once I began using my new grinder, about 4 days in, an electric clutch failed. I called Runyon, and Angela put me in touch with Bruce in the rental equipment side. He carefully and patiently helped me troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair my problem. They took my calls, even after normal hours, stood by me as a business owner, and offered solutions, never excuses. They workshopped quick responsive solutions, offered alternatives, and stood with me. THAT is what a solid business relationship is! They never once became defensive, they worked through it with me, every single person I talked to. Equipment breaks, even new equipment, it happens. How you are treated at that point is what matters. Runyon treated me like a partner, like a team member. I will always be grateful. I’m glad I found them.

Doug Johns

Knowledgeable Professionals!

We bought an Ermator S36 from Runyon. The service was excellent. We appreciate working with knowledgeable professionals!

Surface With a Smile

I could not be happier with your service and advise when it comes to tooling!

Vasco, This is to let you know how pleased I am with my purchases. I could not be happier with your service and advise when it comes to tooling.  The Husqvarna 530 grinder is superb, what a fantastic job it has done.  The tooling I just used on a spray deck removal was the “Arrows” and it just ate the spray deck up.  Finished 815 sq.ft. in a little over an hour and half.  Can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with all of the equipment I have gotten from Runyon Supply. From my Husqvarna 450, 530 My Ermator’s S26 and S36 to my Honda Generator 10000. It is so rewarding to pull up to a job and know I have everything to complete to project. I also just removed  Stone Hard epoxy from a job used the “Piranha’s” and “Arrows” what a superb job. Thanks Again for being my sales rep. and friend.


The best thing about this job is the training we did at your facility in Carmel!

Vasco/Wendy, Thanks very much for your assistance in getting the pigments sent to us as quickly as possible. We received the pigments on Thursday afternoon and had the entire floor installed by Friday Morning! Thankfully we had no problems with the product or pump. The best thing about this job is the training we did at your facility in Carmel. Had we not done this, there is no way we would have been able to pull this off and once again we cannot thank you guys enough for this. There was a moment of panic when we started the joint filling since it didn’t look like the material on hand was going to be sufficient. The saw cuts to be filled were 3/4” and we verified this by checking each one prior to commencing the job. We used 1” (overfill & wastage)  for our calculations and using the coverage calculator for Metzger products this should have given us 80 lf/gal. The total amount of joints to be filled was 4500’. We had 80 Gallons of product so using the calculations/formula we should have had 6400’ of product on hand. However, once we started pumping, we realized that the consumption was much more than we expected and the overfill was minimal. We finished the job with one gallon remaining (79 Gallons used – 4500’). 

Thanks once again for your support and guidance. 

I just want to say thanks to Jackie for helping with my order, she was a big help!

Dear Wendy, I would just like to take a moment and let you know of my recent online purchase of HTC tooling from Runyon. On Dec 4, I needed 2 sets of tooling for out HTC grinder. I remember Runyon from searching over the net, various items I needed for our company. That afternoon, I called and spoke to Jackie, who was very friendly and physically checked the items I needed and assisted with the online order and overnight shipping. We were back up and running in a day of placing that order. I just want to say thanks to Jackie for helping with my order, she was a big help!


Runyon’s tooling is now their favorite!

I wanted to share that our newer installers claimed today and said that Runyon’s tooling was now their favorite! They have been in the industry for about 6 years and hadn’t ever used you all before. They asked we supply them only with Runyon tools under their contract with us. Speaks volumes to us! 

Corey Colson
Cre-tek Surface Solutions

She was ON IT!! It’s great to work with people like that.

I want you know that Jackie, in your office, took great care of me. We were in a bind and short on material.  Jackie took my “numerous” calls and answered “all” my emails. She was ON IT!! It’s great to work with people like that. I look forward to working with you, Jackie, Kristen and the rest of the folks at Runyon. See you in Vegas for World of Concrete!

Menconi Terrazzo