You’re about to refurbish a concrete floor. Once you determine the square footage of the work area and the condition of the existing floor, you decide on the type of floor finish you want to achieve, and a budget. Before you can apply any new overlay or polish, you must first prepare the existing surface, removing any glue or mastic residue left from old floor coverings.
Glue & Mastic Residue Removal
Based on your initial assessment, use the overview below to determine which of the two most effective surface preparation tools for removing glue and mastic residue will work best for your floor revitalization project.
EDCO 10″ Propane Turbo Concrete Grinder

  • Grinding cup wheel includes 10″ diamond disc, 2″ – 3″ Multi-Vacuum Port, Water Port and Leveling Kit
  • Achieves super smooth surface profile with a working depth of 1/8″ per pass
  • Works four times faster than other conventional Edco grinders
  • Rounded shroud allows grinding within 1/2″ of any vertical surface with better dust control
  • Effective in a wet or dry environment
  • Ideal for grinding rough concrete surfaces and removing coatings
  • Rigid head assembly ideal for grinding uneven expansion joints, high spots, joint curls and bridge decks
  • Optional flex head assembly ideal for preparing a smooth, flat floor to receive a new coating
  • More costly because of diamond technology

Swing Machine with Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus Tool

  • Can be installed on existing floor maintenance equipment
  • Ideally suited for hard-to-remove coatings and thin layers of paint or epoxy
  • Flexible blades designed to always remain in contact with the floor regardless of imperfections
  • Uses a 25 or 100 diamond grit bonded to metallic backing and assembled to flexible steel spring blades
  • Designed as the first step of a complete concrete floor preparation system that includes six different polishing tools used to achieve the level of gloss the floor application requires

When you do need specific equipment, count on Runyon Surface Prep. We carry a full line of EDCO grinders, as well as the Diamabrush Concrete Prep Plus Tool, among other Diamabrush tools.