Concrete floors in industrial settings and garages are subjected to abuse. Below are some examples of how concrete floors can break down.concrete polishing

  • Traffic: A great number of people treading on it can cause damage to the surface.
  • Objects: Heavy objects, thrown or dropped on the floor cause it to chip and crack.
  • Contamination: Chemicals and other spills contaminate it and may even weaken the structure.
  • Bad Construction: At times, faulty construction or curing may mean that the concrete floor is damaged at the onset itself and would require restoration.

Restoring Concrete Factory Floors
It is not necessary to spend a fortune on reconstructing a concrete floor. With the use of the right equipment and restoration products, it is possible to rejuvenate the floor to as good as new.
Tools Needed
To restore concrete floors, you will need a pressure washer, concrete cleaner, a push broom, a floor squeegee, a concrete floor grinder with dust shroud and concrete floor patch filler.

  1. Remove Protruding Objects: Chip the surface of the concrete -his is to remove any high material that protrudes from the overall level.
  2. Level the Surface: Grind the surface using a suitable concrete grinding machine. Opt for the concrete profiling method which leaves deep scratches in the concrete,allowing leveling products and adhesive to have a good grip. Also use the grinder with a dust shroud to prevent the hall or room from being filled with dust.
  3. Clean the Floor: Use a concrete cleaner and water to clean the floor. Use a pressure washer to remove any loose concrete, debris, algae, paint or mildew.
  4. Fill in Low Spots: Use a concrete floor patch filler to fill in the low spots. Make sure the area is wet or damp. Apply with a putty knife. Level this new concrete to its edges for a smooth finish and leave it for about ten minutes.
  5. Level the Surface Out After Filling the Low Spots: Once the concrete is hardened slightly take a steel finishing trough to remove excess mortar and clean the surface.
  6. Resurface the Entire Surface: You can do this with concrete resurfacer material using a squeegee.

Choose high quality materials that suit the external temperature and the nature of wear and tear expected for durability while carrying out concrete floor restoration.