Metzger/McGuire RS 65 Polyurethane Concrete Sealant


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Spal-Pro RS 65 was developed to seal floor joints in commercial/retail exposed concrete floors that are subject to pedestrian/cart traffic and very limited material handling traffic.

Spal-Pro RS 65 is a 100% solids, two-component rapid setting semi-rigid polyurea joint “sealant” intended for use in filling and protecting contraction and construction joints in retail or commercial concrete floors.

***All 10-Gallon Kits come as Standard Gray. The color you choose is the Color Pack Additive to create your desired product. They are not pre-mixed kits. Only the 600mL products are “pre-mixed.”

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Weight 133 lbs
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Color Pack, 600 mL, 10-Gallon Kit


Antique Cork, Black, Brevity Brown, Brownstone, Burnt Sienna, Cardboard, Dovetail Gray, Fawn Pebble, Gauntlet Gray, High Tea, Intellectual Gray, Mocha Brown, Neutral, Oiled Teak, Porpoise, Relic Bronze, Ryno Gray, Standard Gray, Warm Stone

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Spec Sheets

Data / Specs:
RS65 Tech Data Sheet 2020
RS65 Part A SDS.pdf
RS65 Part B SDS.pdf

Color Charts:
RS65 Color Pack SDS.pdf
MM Color Chart 2021

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RS 65 Install Instructions