For over a century, epoxy compounds have been mixed and distributed. And, for the better part of that century, epoxy resin has been used in surface adhesion. Still a favorite for contractors, businesses, and handy homeowners, epoxy coating comes with a wide array of benefits. We’ve decided to highlight the most significant pros, and some of the cons, of working with epoxy in concrete surface preparation as well as some alternatives you may be curious about.  

Pros: Let’s Start with the Good Stuff

We believe in epoxy. We sell it, after all. Should you go with an epoxy coating, here are the ways it can benefit you:

Liquid and Chemical Resistant

Epoxy coating is well known for its great resistance to chemicals and liquids that are especially bad for a concrete surface’s integrity. This is why you’ll typically find epoxy flooring in automotive or other industries that involve harsh liquids.

Provides Great Protection and Longevity

Using epoxy coatings will also prevent cracks, stains, and moisture-related issues from compromising your concrete floor thus enabling a longer-lasting surface and lower maintenance. What’s more, the epoxy coating will not only assist in prolonging the life of your concrete surface, epoxy itself is known for having a significant lifespan.

Enables Customization

Looking to customize and decorate your concrete floor? Between the design effects and coating pigments possible, epoxy coatings provide an array of opportunities for dynamic aesthetics. You can match a company brand, create a sleek, professional environment, or find a gifted installer and let your artistic vision go wild.

Eye-Catching Shine and Cleanliness

If you treat it well and perform regular upkeep, epoxy coated floors will also provide a great look for your space. These surfaces are relatively easy to maintain and spills can be quickly taken care of, saving workers or homeowners precious time they may want to spend elsewhere.  

Cons: No Coating Is Perfect  

No pro and con list would be complete without, well, cons. Despite the bang for your buck, epoxy does have some pitfalls:

Epoxy Hates Moisture

While epoxy can be great for resisting liquids as a surface treatment, moisture on the surface of your flooring will make for difficult adhesion. Even if there is light moisture in your concrete and the coating has great initial adhesion, you still risk epoxy eventually separating from your concrete. Of course, that’s true for many—if not all—coating methods.  

Slick Surfaces = Potential Danger

Concerned about injuries? All it takes is a small spill for your epoxy flooring to become a serious accident hazard. If your flooring sees regular spillage that cannot be immediately addressed, you may want to invest in texturizations or an alternative flooring solution.

Removal Can Be Taxing

Removal of epoxy floors is quite an extensive task that may cost you time and money, thus adding laborious hours to repairs or flooring reinstallation jobs and ultimately affecting your bottom line. Of course, epoxy is relatively cost-efficient on the front end – so this may be a wash, depending on your situation.

Alternatives to Epoxy Coating

If you’re looking to coat concrete, but you’re hoping to avoid epoxy, there are several alternatives at your disposal. First and foremost is polyaspartic coatings. Working in a high-traffic, machine-based environment? Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic coating products tend to hold up better to abrasion and are typically more durable.

If you’re not terribly concerned about the lifespan of your concrete floor but you want to do something with it, you can always paint or stain the concrete. And while even untreated concrete can last a significant amount of time, we don’t recommend that approach – especially if the surface sees regular traffic and is in a moisture-laden environment.

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