The right approach to polishing, coating, or repairing your concrete floors will prove to be a worthy investment in functionality and aesthetics. But before you can start, you’ll need to be thorough in preparing your surface or risk the project backfiring on you. Concrete surface prep is about more than simply getting it ready for that next phase. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of proper preparation for your concrete surface and how the right prep job can set you up for success in your polishing, coating, and repairing projects.

Why Should I Prepare My Concrete Surface?

When you skip or carelessly float through the concrete preparation step, you can potentially create problems that you or the property owner will have to deal with down the road. Such problems may include:

  • Poor flooring adherence
  • Divots, cracks, and generally uneven surfaces
  • Installation failures due to moisture or oils

Skipping the surface preparation phase can even lead to injuries in the future should the flooring become uneven – an especially hazardous situation for business and property owners who could face lawsuits.


There is also, of course, the aesthetic aspect of it all. Ensuring that you’ve smoothed out your concrete surfaces with the appropriate floor grinder or trowel machine prior to coating or flooring installation will prevent ugly cracks and distorted shapes in your finished floor. Many commercial buildings take pride in their flooring aesthetics and use them to make a good first impression with guests.


Furthermore, adequate concrete flooring preparation can lead to longevity and durability for your surface. It may be tempting to skip concrete prep in order to finish a project faster, but it won’t do you any favors in the long run. Just as missing breakfast or not stretching before a workout can negatively impact your body, so can skipping surface preparation prior to installation. Treat your project with the integrity and respect it deserves by setting it up right from the get-go.

Understanding the Equipment and Process for Concrete Surface Preparation

The equipment you use in preparing your concrete surface will depend on a few factors. The first thing to address: what is the current state of the floor? If it’s tiled with linoleum or another material, you’ll need surface prep equipment that helps you cut into and remove the tile, and clean up the surface afterward with a broom and mop. 

Contractors and other workers in the surface prep industry should consider investing in a floor scraper to save time in removing flooring from medium to large surface areas. To repair light cracks in concrete floors, use the appropriate concrete repair filler.

Once the previous flooring has been removed, the cracks have been filled, and the concrete has been cleaned, you’ll need to inspect the surface for unevenness. Some concrete may even need to be removed to help level your surface – in this case, you will need a heavy-duty grinder. If you’re concerned about chewing up too much concrete with your grinder, perhaps the concrete is relatively thin, you may also use a concrete leveler mix to even out the surface.

Consider Using a Multiquip Ride-On Trowel Machine

For extensive surface prep needs, a ride-on trowel machine can provide a flat, ready surface in significantly less time than push grinders. In addition to other necessities, companies and contractors who have made a business of surface prep can benefit greatly from a ride-on trowel system. A few of Runyon’s options include:

  • The Multiquip HHXDF5 8’ Ride-On Trowel Machine is a 31 horsepower gasoline-LPG powered machine with high torque and excellent performance. Other specs include a Continuously Variable Transmission for adjustable speeds and torque, LED Lighting, and even a 12 volt outlet for cell phone charging.
  • Runyon also offers the Multiquip LD6 Ride-On Trowel with a U.S. Carb Propane Conversion option. The LD6 has 23 horsepower, hydraulic steering for quick response, and ergonomic controls to reduce operator fatigue.

Purchase or Rent Surface Prep Equipment with Runyon

Looking for equipment or materials? Runyon Surface Prep is a full-service sales and rental facility that supplies concrete polishing and surface preparation materials to meet customer’s needs across the country. We’re dedicated to seeing you succeed and hope we can steer you in the right direction for your projects.

Runyon has been in the surface preparation industry for years – we understand the importance that comes with covering all your bases in preparation for flooring installation and concrete polishing. Consider reviewing this thorough case study on why you should take the surface preparation stage seriously.

Have questions around concrete surface prep? Looking for the right equipment to help you get the job done? Contact our office today to get your project started off on the right foot.