Runyon Surface Prep’s Q8 Series of wet/dry diamond tooling offers high-quality compositions and a variety of grit/bond distinctions to complete any polishing job.

Today’s contractors have a wide variety of concrete flooring styles and finish options from which to choose. Successfully prepping and polishing concrete begins with selecting the right grit and type of diamond tool to use. To narrow down your options, know the hardness of the concrete (hard, medium or soft) and the desired finish you wish to achieve for your customer.

Know Your Concrete’s Hardness
One of the most frequently used terms in diamond tooling is bond. It refers to the matrix that suspends the diamonds. The type of concrete hardness determines whether you will need a hard bond tool (for soft concrete) or a soft bond tool (for hard concrete). Using the incorrect diamond tool can slow down productivity and incur additional cost for replacement tools. We’ve simplified our Q8 metal bond tools with an easy identification delineation:
RSP Q8 Bond Code
The Runyon Tooling Line Has What You Need
RSP Figure 8 - back designThe components of our diamond tooling line are high-quality compositions. They are color-coded for easy identification, come in a variety of grit/bond distinctions and feature interchangeable attachment styles. The RSP Q8 Series comes with a Figure 8 design on the back of the tool to allow them to fit several different floor grinder types. Runyon Surface Prep metal bonds are 10mm rather than 8mm, like other products. They feature 20% more diamond content than comparable brands and offer a tighter scratch pattern when polishing.
RSP Tooling Line Color Codes
RSP Q8 Metal Bond Series Diamond Tools:

  1. RSP Q8 Metal Bond ToolsRSP Q8 Nitro Mastic Tool: It’s designed specifically for mastic removal, but can also remove glue and epoxy. This tool is for prep work before.
  2. RSP Q8 Trac PCD: Available in both left and right alignment, this tool aggressively removes material quickly. Its bar design ensures a constant cutting depth.
  3. RSP 4-Seg Quattro Metal Bond Tool: Like a cap cutter, this heavy cutting tool is ideal for exposing large sections of aggregate. Perfect for 110V, swing, and light grinding machines.
  4. RSP Turbo Tulip Tool: This tool creates a very tight scratch pattern, which makes a seamless transition to resins. It is ideal for the beginning stages of polishing.
  5. RSP 8-Seg Metal Bond Tool: A wet or dry premium tool with 20% more diamond content than the RSP 10-Seg. Ideal for prepping floors for polishing, dry cutting terrazzo or for taking lippage out of marble wet.
  6. RSP 10-Seg Metal Bond Tool: This is the standard diamond tool in the Runyon line. It is excellent for the initial step in polishing. The tool’s matrix is made of premium metals and can be used wet or dry.

We Help You Find the Right Tool
Runyon Surface Prep has the polishing tools to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a wet or dry polishing system to hone and polish your customer’s concrete flooring, we have the tool you desire.
Other Runyon Surface Prep tooling available:

  1. RSP Transitionals, Resins, Hand Pads & DIPsRSP Copper Transitionals: Designed to be used wet on heavier machinery, these 8mm pads contain a very high diamond content mixed with copper resin. They are perfect for removing rough scratches put on the floor by other metals.
  2. RSP Race Resins: Made with phenolic resin with beveled edges, these 10mm pads are for dry polishing concrete and overlays. They work with heavy machines and provide a high gloss finish at lower grits.
  3. RSP Hand Polishing Pads: In our line, we offer Drift Drys and Whip Wets, which come in 5” and 7” for use in polishing the edges and corners of floors where machines cannot reach. As the names suggest, these hand pads are suitable for wet and dry grinding.
  4. RSP Rocky Dips: These high-speed diamond impregnated pads are for general use. They remove topical sealer, scuff marks, light surface scratches and can be used for refinement, terrazzo restoration and burnishing.

Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply – Dedicated to the Surface Prep Industry
Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the surface prep industry. We currently service more than 28 states throughout the U.S. from our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and our west coast division. Our uniqueness comes from providing our customers with a diverse equipment portfolio for rental, expert equipment training and support, such as technique workshops on prep, polishing or removal, and maintaining a well-stocked inventory of consumables ready for your projects at a moment’s notice. Rather than perform contract work ourselves, we consult on job sites when necessary. With the backing of our vendors, Runyon Surface Prep Rental and Supply offers support at any level, to assist in helping you get things done. We can deliver or ship wherever you need, or you can pick up from our facility.