Large industrial, commercial facilities are generally focused on the durability of their polished concrete flooring. However, aesthetics are important too, as was the case at the Dart Container Hangar. Applied Flooring, Inc. was tasked with redoing the floors in both the hangar’s main area and the corresponding office spaces. There were several challenges initially, but the crew easily overcame them and assuaged the Corporate Hangar’s fears by producing outstanding polished concrete floors throughout the facility.

Project Overview 
Dart Container initially wanted to polish the entire hangar for its corporate fleet. However, there was concern with Skydrol damaging the floor, so they ultimately decided to coat the floor with a Skydrol-resistant polymer.  As Dart Container’s concrete contractors, Applied Flooring chose a high build epoxy and polyurethane system from Protective Industrial Polymers.
Main Hangar Area 
The hangar portion was an engineered 10″ slab with double mat reinforcement 2-1/2″ from the surface.  There were no joints or control joints placed in the slab because of the concern of deflection from the weight of jets.  Prior to coating the slab, there were 2 to 3 random cracks that the Applied Flooring crews filled with epoxy filler.  There was also a strong concern about high vapor from the 10″ slab and a tight time frame for coating the floor.  Dart Container chose to have the Applied Flooring crews apply a coat of Protective Industrial Polymers VM-CS vapor, mitigating primer to help alleviate the vapor.  Prior to applying the PIP Hangar System Applied Flooring measured the Vapor Drive with Calcium Chloride Test Kits and found the levels to be less than 4 lbs.  The coating system was PIP 1200WR, PIP 1000 with a broadcast, PIP 1000 grouted to make it smooth, and then PIP 2000 with gloss grip or glass beads.
Office Space
The office portion of the hangar was integrally colored. Architectural saw cuts on 6′ grid patterns matched the angled walls in the space.  The floor was polished prior to wall erection, after the walls were up the joints were filled, and finally, the polish and burnishing steps were performed prior to vinyl base installation.

The Final Results
Everyone was very concerned about the floor coating systems’ impact on the aesthetic look of the Corporate Hangar. In the end however, everyone was thrilled with the look and durability of the new flooring systems. For more stories like this one, visit our customer feature page. And for questions or comments visit our contact us page or utilize the comment section below.

About Applied Flooring
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