While trowel polishing is becoming more prevalent in the surface preparation industry, we still get our fair share of questions. Today, we’re answering some of your most-asked queries about trowel polishing and Runyon Surface Prep’s Magnetic Preload System for use with ride-on and walk-behind units.

The Growing Importance of Trowel Polishing

First, let’s touch briefly on why trowel polishing is growing in popularity in the surface preparation industry. While not appropriate for all concrete projects, trowel polishing can provide a final polish similar to that of conventional diamond grinding equipment. 

Essentially, trowel polishing will allow you to tackle larger projects in less time, and with fewer labor and tooling costs. And because trowel polishing is a wet process, it eliminates the risk of airborne silica hazard—making the job site safer for you and your team members.

Trowel Polishing FAQs

Here are the trowel polishing questions we get asked most often—and their answers!

How Efficient Is This Process?

One of the most significant advantages of trowel polishing is that it can speed up production, allowing you to tackle bigger jobs and bringing weeks-long projects down to days-long tasks. That being said, switching out diamond tooling and moving from one grit to another can be a tedious process with a ride-on trowel polisher. Our Magnetic Preload System (MPS) solves this issue by housing another set of tooling, making it simple to switch grits and proceed with the next stage of the process. We’re proud to offer 10,000/20,000 square feet of production per day.

What Sets Your System Apart?

Not all power trowel polishing systems are created equal, so we set out to design one that would surpass all other options. We spent over three years designing a system that would minimize machine downtime while allowing the operator to switch tooling quickly and efficiently. Free-floating heads and a magnetic preload interchangeable ring system make our trowel polishing system simple, effective, and like nothing else out there.

Is RSP’s System in Specs?

Our system has been proven worldwide and is very successful. In fact, it’s currently the #1-selling power trowel polishing system on the market! 

Can the RSP System Run Metal Bonded Tools?

We’re often asked whether our trowel polishing system can run metal bonded tools—and the answer is yes. We have 16, 30, 70, and 120 grits available for the MPS system. This concrete tooling system can also run transitional and resin bonded tools, making it ideal for use with any trowel polishing project.

Is This System Only for 8-Foot Machines?

Trowel polishing units come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so we made sure that the MSP system would fit them all. Whether you’ve recently purchased a walk-behind trowel or are looking to maximize the efficiency of your ride-on unit, the MSP system is available to speed up the efficiency of any make and model.

Streamline the Surface Preparation Process With Trowel Polishing

As the concrete polishing and surface preparation industries continue to seek ways to reduce labor costs, we think it’s safe to say that trowel polishing will continue to grow in popularity. But you shouldn’t rely on just any concrete trowel machine and tooling system to deliver the advantages of this method. Runyon Surface Prep has been outfitting operations both large and small with high-quality surface preparation equipment for years—so if you’re looking to incorporate trowel polishing into your workflow, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out today for more information on our concrete polishing products.