Exterior concrete surfaces can be fickle, surrounded by influential factors like water and cold temperatures, and are more likely to be public property with specific design requirements. So, the best outdoor concrete surface equipment will have dynamic features and be able to withstand the elements.

As you likely know, not every job requires equipment designed for outdoor use. Some jobs can be successful with the most basic of tools. That said, this post covers what features to look for as well as some of the equipment that will best serve your project’s needs. Stick around to learn more.

Equipment Features for Outdoor Prep  

Most equipment that bodes well for outdoor work will share similar features. You’ll find that they’re often non-electric and capable of removing the toughest of surface materials. Here, we’ll dig deeper into what that means. 

Cordless Operation Capability

While the cordless quality isn’t a necessity for every concrete tool, it’s certainly helpful. Liquid gas and propane-powered equipment can be especially beneficial to large commercial projects which don’t provide operators much access to electricity.

Such equipment may include propane-powered floor grinders like the CPS G-250 XT, which is a great mid-range grinder capable of grinding and polishing various spaces and with enough grinding pressure to leave a shine worthy of your labor.  

Powerful Surface Abrasion

Indoor concrete surfaces often become soiled by machine liquids, manufacturing dust, and other mechanical grime. Meanwhile, outdoor concrete surfaces have exposure to all the same plus the influences of nature – not to mention the inclusion of cosmetic and traction-related additives.

Depending on your project, you may want a machine that’s built for heavy-duty cleaning as you work to remove the topmost layers of the concrete surface. Gas-powered scarifiers are ideal for cleaning large areas of concrete and the removal of dirt, paint, and just about anything stuck to the surface – all while it roughens the surface for reinstallation.


Outdoor surfaces are like a blank canvas on an easel. When architects get to designing a park or a monument, the possibilities of variation are vaster than those of a typical indoor design. We’re talking grandiose fountains, skate parks, recreation centers, and eye-catching corporate entryways.

Subsequently, the concrete surface installation or re-installation will require equipment a bit more dynamic than what you’ll find in the run-of-the-mill catalog. Maneuverability is a feature that can make or break the quality of your project. Look for hydraulic-laden designs, high-quality wheels, and up-to-date propulsion mechanics.

Ride-On Machines Worth Looking Into

Of course, you could also go with a ride-on machine. While ride-on machines aren’t always great for getting into tight spaces (you could always complement those with an edge grinder), they’re more than capable of providing adequate maneuverability for large spaces and heavy-duty surface work.

Noteworthy ride-on concrete surface machines include:

  • Trowel systems
  • Planetary grinders
  • Floor scrapers

Outdoors, you won’t have to worry about machine loading or getting through tight hallways. Look for a local rental service or check out our product listings to learn more about ride-on machine benefits.

Outdoor Concrete Surface Repair Materials

Nowhere are concrete repair materials more important than on exterior surfaces. Unlevel walking surfaces can be easily made worse by water or snow – or made invisible by vegetation. The same goes for craters and cracks. Public and commercial areas should be kept safe and beautiful for guests. Most leveling and concrete repair kits are outdoor-friendly and don’t require much maintenance.

Full-Service Concrete Equipment Offerings From a Team Who Cares

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When it comes to our client relations, you’re not just a number to us. We value our partnerships, whether you’re an independent contractor or a commercial rental equipment supplier.

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