We strive to treat our customers like family here at Runyon Surface Prep, and a key quality of that personal service involves listening to what industry professionals want—and then making it happen. What can we do to simplify their complex jobs, meet their varied needs, and equip them with reliable surface preparation machinery in a timely manner? 

The answer is simple: make it that much easier for individual contractors and companies to get the parts they need, when and where they need them. On that note, Runyon Surface Prep is pleased to announce our new parts program! We hope this initiative will make tackling equipment maintenance and securing replacement parts significantly easier for our customers across the country.

Parts for Your Surface Preparation Equipment

Our website is now stocked with manufacturer-specific parts, from large floor grinder and trowel machine parts down to the tiniest bearings. You’ll find a large selection of both HTC and Husqvarna parts and accessories on our site.

The RSP team has been hard at work on this project for months—just look at the hundreds of parts we have available, and imagine the time it takes to get them listed and categorized! But the time and effort were well worth it, as we’re now positioned to better serve our customers.

There are some significant advantages to ordering these parts directly from us, namely in terms of time savings. Typically, an equipment malfunction or worn-out part would require you to contact the parts manager for a specific manufacturer and go through a number of phone calls to get the component that you need. Who has time for that, particularly when contractors are busier than ever this summer? 

Our parts program streamlines the process by giving you direct access to a variety of manufacturer parts. We’re proud to be one of (if not the only!) distributor to offer most of these parts for purchase online. And if you’re having trouble determining exactly what replacement part you need for your surface preparation or concrete polishing equipment, don’t worry—we can also help you identify your parts needs and install replacement components.

An In-House Mechanic to Diagnose Your Machinery Needs

In addition to our new parts offerings, we’re thrilled to announce that Runyon Surface Prep now has an in-house mechanic! John Cavallaro, our Parts and Service Manager,correct is available to diagnose your equipment issues and get you back to work as quickly as possible. Whatever your machinery malfunction or parts needs may be, from Husqvarna to Clarke, he has you covered.

With the help of our in-house mechanic, you won’t find yourself playing a guessing game or waiting on hold indefinitely for a solution to your equipment issue. We’ll diagnose the problem and work to get you a replacement part as quickly as possible. We ship most of our orders out the same day that we receive them, so you can rest easy knowing that your shot blaster, floor grinder, or trowel machine will be up and running in no time flat. 

If you’re located in Indianapolis, you can simply bring your machine in and we’ll take a look. Once our in-house mechanic identifies the issue, whether it be a faulty electrical component or a rundown belt, we’ll get started installing a new part or otherwise addressing the problem. And if you’re elsewhere in the country, we’re happy to talk over the phone or even work to get your machine shipped to us for inspection and repair. 

Our Continued Commitment to the Surface Preparation Industry

When you order from Runyon Surface Prep, you can trust that you’re getting high-quality equipment and consumables, dedicated service, and unparalleled expertise. We’re here to fulfill your needs for all things surface preparation and concrete polishing. Have a burnisher that’s acting up? Need a replacement part, but aren’t sure what it’s called or how to go about finding out? Contact us today—we’re always here to help.