Adding portable Hippo mixers and Pelican carts to your TRU concrete mixing station makes quick and easy work of your overlay application.
CTS TRU Mixing Station
Do you want to improve your productivity? Achieving the right configuration of mixing equipment and supplies is not always easy. Without the appropriate equipment in your arsenal, work slows down and it costs you money. Arranging the perfect mix station set-up eliminates the need for a large crew. It reduces your team’s extreme physical exertion and boosts productivity. Employees can mix, pour and polish concrete overlays in record time. Learn more about the most user-friendly and efficient system you need (in our expert opinion). Click here for the PDF Guide.

The Ideal Overlay Mixing Station Set-up (capable of producing 3,000 sqft/hr):

  • (4) CS Unitec Portamix Hippo mixers*
  • (3) CS Unitec Portamix Pelican carts*
  • (4) 1,000 lbs. capacity hydraulic carts
  • (2) 5 buckets*
  • (1) Midwest Rake gauge rake & cams*
  • (1) Pair of shoe-in blunt spiked shoes*
  • (2) Porcupine rollers* (1 for TRU and TRU Gray; 1 for TRU PC1)
  • (3) Bucket strainers* (for Pelican carts)
  • (1) 55 gal. drum or wheeled trash can
  • (4) Digital timers
  • Weatherstripping
  • Gorilla tape

(*Available through Runyon Surface Prep)
The Mighty Mega Hippo Mixer
With only one operator, a single CS Unitec Portamix® Mega Hippo mixer handles up to six bags of CTS RapidSet® TRU self-leveling cement per load. It can manage 50-60 bags/hr and produces 750-900 sqft of overlayment. The easy-rolling, easy-tilt cradle can pour and spread at the same time, eliminating the need for multi-stage applications to achieve a thicker screed.
CS Unitec Portamix® Mega Hippo Mixer

  • Ideal for polymer self-leveling products and engineered concrete
  • High torque, 15 amp 2-geared motor
  • Full brim capacity of 23 gallons/ 350 lbs of mix
  • Specially shaped bowl eliminates unmixed product
  • 9-inch diameter paddles produce consistent and thorough mixing
  • Liners are available to prevent cross-contamination and for easy clean-up
  • Use splatter lid and dust extraction port to create a cleaner, safer work environment
  • OSHA and personal PPE compliant
  • Accessories and different sized paddles are also available

Keep Mixing While the Pelicans Pour
Create an uninterrupted workflow by using your Mega Hippo mixers with a series of CS Unitec Portamix® Pelican Carts. While the Hippos mix, the Pelicans can transport and pour, eliminating the need for work stoppage. These welded-frame carts have heavy-duty casters capable of 360-degree maneuverability. Their large handle design allows for easy steering and accurate, controlled dispensing.
Little Downtime Keeps Customers Coming Back
Reduce your customer’s downtime by using a quick curing overlay material like CTS RapidSet® TRU. With a variety of self-leveling overlayments, RapidSet is designed to cure and set in 6-12 hours. Wait 24 hours before polishing. To assist with this process, check which CTS epoxy primer is needed for the overlay product, as well as the concrete application accessories (e.g. spiked shoes and porcupine rollers) needed for the job.

Runyon Surface Prep Rental & Supply is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the concrete polishing industry. Our uniqueness comes from providing our customers with a diverse equipment, product and supply portfolio. We offer training and support, such as technique workshops on prep, polishing or removal, and maintain a well-stocked inventory of consumables ready for your projects at a moment’s notice. Rather than perform contract work ourselves, we consult on job sites when necessary. With the backing of our vendors, Runyon Surface Prep offers support at any level, to assist in helping you get things done. We can deliver or ship wherever you need, or you can pick up from our facility.