Concrete dust extraction requires more grit than the traditional home vacuum. Way, way more grit. But how much of a difference can a commercial or industrial vacuum really make? And what qualities should you look for?

At Runyon Surface Prep, we house our own industrial vacuum line as well as Husqvarna vacuums. We understand the value in finding the best vacuum for the job – whether you’re renting for single-use or purchasing for a long-term investment. 

This post will cover the primary factors you should consider when evaluating your industrial vacuum cleaner options: power, filters, and size.

What’s the Power Like?

You can’t have too much power. Sure, you may end up with a vacuum that has more power than you need – but that’s not a bad problem to have. It’s vital that your power does meet, however, a certain threshold for the sake of extraction in your environment. Some materials are more finicky than others, and the size and intricacies of the space also make a difference.

How much does power vary vacuum-to-vacuum? Our electric RSP 20 model runs on 17 amps at 110V, extracting 200 cubic feet per minute (CFM) while propane options like the RSP 630 have a large 17HP motor with significantly higher extraction at 630 CFM.

Power and Efficiency

As important as the power capabilities are, nothing compares to high power that is utilized well; that is, the crossover of power and efficiency. Finding a dust extractor that has good power capabilities is great, but your power usage should also pair with efficient extraction. Let’s compare, for example, the above-mentioned RSP 630 model with an equivalent propane vacuum: the Husqvarna T 10,000.

The T 10,000 has a very similar HP at 16.9 and is in and of itself a great vacuum, but it only extracts at a CFM of 480. So, despite having the same amount of motor power, the RSP 630 model can bring in more than 30 percent more material per minute than the T 10,000.

Do You Need an Electric or Propane Power?

Perhaps the most influential factor when deciding whether to go with a propane or electric dust collector is the surrounding environment. For environments with less heavy-duty needs that are typically indoors, an electric option would do just fine. Just be sure you have access to the proper outlet. For major projects with great spaces, or if you’re certain you won’t be near an outlet, a propane vacuum is your best bet.

Check Out the Filtering Specs

Crystalline silica is a mineral in concrete that, when produced into dust and suspended in air, can be a great hazard to workers and passersby upon inhalation. So, when evaluating your next industrial vacuum investment, be sure the product comes equipped with high-efficiency filters that are 99+ percent efficient and able to contain dust particles at 0.5 microns or smaller.

Consider also the maintenance of your vacuum’s filter as you browse. Not all filters are built with the same things in mind. Even filters that can trap silica and protect construction workers may lead to some headaches down the road. See what the product listing says about filter maintenance – if it boasts low-upkeep while still trapping dangerous dust, you’re in the clear.

Dimensions and Maneuverability

Perhaps an overlooked quality if you’re not careful, the size of your vacuum is a factor you will run into every time you step onto a commercial or residential property and begin working. The size will influence everything from the available space during transportation to whether you can comfortably get it into a client’s front door.

So, check that the size of the vacuum is one your work vehicle and set up is able to withstand. Note also that size will influence maneuverability. Some workers who are more typically in tighter, odd spaces may prefer something narrower with good quality wheels for movement.

Comparing Two Great Options

To better help you with your search, here’s a short comparison of two equivalent vacuums and the features they offer:

Runyon’s RSP 300

Power: 13 HP motor, 300 CFM airflow

Filter: HEPA Maxx filter, 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns

Housing: Bulletproof housing

Product Perks: 1-year motor warranty, 3-year filter warranty, lifetime housing warranty

Husqvarna S 36

Power: 10.2 HP motor, 285 CFM airflow

Filter: Two HEPA filters, 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns

Housing: Sheet metal, steel handle & clamps

Product Perks: 1-year product warranty

Keep Your Project Safe and Tidy With Runyon Industrial Vacuums

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