If you are in the market for vacuums, extractors, pre-separators or HEPA air scrubbers, Pullman Ermator manufactures a full line of professional grade equipment that is ideal for any jobsite or work environment.
Cutting Edge Technology
With more than 40 years of experience in the dust extraction and air cleaning industries, Ermator engineers are leading the way in the design and manufacture of HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers and dust extractor systems that not only improve worker health and safety, they meet or exceed environmental and safety standards, passing on these benefits to contractors working in construction, abatement and restoration.
In our search for a partner in the dust extraction and air cleaning industry, we looked at several variables. The natural first choice here is the durability and quality of the equipment. We find the Ermator line second to none in terms of durability, ease of use, efficiency and power. The variety of machines also match well with the different grinder and equipment sizes available.
Ermator’s approach to quality control is unmatched. For instance, every single HEPA filter is individually tested and certified at filtration rate 99.99% at 0.3 microns. Other recent innovations include the Longopac system for dust-free bag changes, Jet Pulse filter cleaning, a unique power tool power outlet with an automatic on/off trigger, a specially designed drop-down disposal, a sound alarm for clogged/broken HEPA filters and proactive maintenance features like manometers and hour meters, which warn you when filter is clogged or broken.
The service and support Ermator provides is also unmatched. Runyon Surface Prep has had Ermator reps assisting us at all times and when necessary traveling to ensure our customers are taken care of.  The staff is knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to work with. The Ermator group has been everything we could ask from a partner manufacturer.
Pullman Ermator Professional Vacuum Line
Pullman Ermator vacuums are ideal for a large variety of concrete and general construction applications. These seven short clips demonstrate the many uses and benefits of equipment pairings, wet/dry vacs and each major vacuum model (T18000, T8600, S50, S26 and S13).
Ermator Dust Extraction Equipment Pairings
Ermator HEPA Dust Extractors are shown working with various grinders, shot blasters, drills and chisels to display their superior dust extraction capabilities.
W2000/2 Wet Vac with Pre-Separator
This video demonstrates how to use the W2000/2 Wet Vacuum with Pre-Separator, and its ability to reduce water usage while maintaining a slurry free environment. Ideal for coring, saw cutting and grinding, it uses a high pressure oil cooled pump to extract the slurry and filter the liquid into clean water that can be re-used by pumping back to the machine, or to a containment tank for disposal.
Pullman Ermator T18000 Vacuum
The most powerful on the market today, this video shows the T18000 HEPA Dust Extractor in action on a variety of equipment, demonstrating amazing dust control. Greatly expanded pre-filter surface area acts as a built-in pre-separator providing superior cyclonic separation for long, uninterrupted service periods. The T18000 produces plenty of airflow to handle a single four-head grinder or two each three-head grinders, and is the only extractor that can keep up with a larger shaver.
Pullman Ermator T8600 Vacuum
This video shows the dust extraction ability of the Ermator T8600 HEPA Vacuum in a variety of different applications. This is one of the most popular and commonly used dust extractors in concrete polishing, as it pairs well with our 32″ floor grinders, namely the HTC 800 and Husqvarna PG 820, and the T8600 Propane unit with our CPS G-320D and STI 3030 floor grinders.
Pullman Ermator S50 Vacuum
This video shows the Ermator S50 HEPA Dust Extractor, an industrial strength wet dry 120 HEPA vacuum that features dual HEPA filters, an outlet for power tools and a variable speed motor, which allows the operator to adjust suction power according to circuit breaker capacity.
Pullman Ermator S26 Vacuum
This video shows the dust extraction ability of the Ermator S26 HEPA Dust Extractor, a single-motor wet and dry vacuum that can be operated in conjunction with a power tool. The S26 has two HEPA filters that are specially designed for wet or dry usage. Its tank holds up to 11 gallons, and can be used with or without a bag.
Pullman Ermator S13 Vacuum
This video shows the single motor Ermator S13 HEPA Dust Extractor, which can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust. The model S13 is also an effective all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. Comes with 16-foot, 1.5″ hose, wand and floor tool. Includes a 6 mil, 10-gallon disposable poly bag for dust-free handling and disposal.