Perhaps you didn’t notice the defect until well after you put the finishing touches on your new concrete surface, or maybe a slab of aged and worn flooring that has picked up some imperfections over the years but isn’t quite ready for a new installation. Whatever the reason, concrete flaws can be easily overcome with the right approach, equipment and accessories.

At Runyon Surface Prep, we provide concrete floor prep solutions for a wide range of project needs. Whether you’re renovating, building from the ground up or looking to give some much-needed attention to your concrete surface, you can find what you need in our extensive catalog of concrete prep products.

We’ve put together this post to highlight the primary ways you or a contractor can repair a concrete surface when it goes awry.

Cracks in Concrete Surfaces – What You May Need

Cracks in your concrete surface can lead to issues beyond the aesthetic unpleasantness. If the cracks are large enough, they’ll let in moisture or water leaks which can lead to foundation damage, uneven floors and further cracking that will be more difficult to repair.

How Wide Is the Crack?

How you go about fixing the crack may depend on its current size. Very small cracks may only require liquid filler or caulk to repair them. However, cracks larger than 1/8” may require something a bit more substantial. For these cracks, look to solutions like skim coats for concrete crack reparation.

Tools to Help Get the Job Done

When it comes to repairing concrete, you can only get as far as your tools will allow. Equipment and accessories that you may need when you repair a concrete crack include:

  • Hammer and masonry chisel
  • Wire brush
  • Pressure washer or garden hose
  • Concrete compound
  • Trowel

What you use and to what extent you use it will be a case-by-case matter. But these are the typical items you can expect to need for small-to-medium-sized cracks. Note: Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the coinciding product you use in filling and repairing concrete defects.

Uneven Concrete Surfaces – Causes and Remedies

Dangerous and just plain ugly-looking, uneven concrete can be the result of several causes. Among the primary causes for uneven concrete are:

  • Inadequate tools or application upon installation
  • Soil conditions
  • Subsurface water
  • Poor compacting
  • Weather or related environmental influences

Left unchecked, uneven concrete floors will create trip hazards, lead to cracks and breakage and overall reflect poorly on the property owners and caretakers. There’s also liability matters to consider, especially for commercial businesses. You may be surprised at the level of injuries resulting from uneven floors.

How to Remedy Uneven Concrete

For a less demanding leveling issue, you can use light duty resurfacing products. You also may need to grind the floor to flatten and smoothen the surface, depending on the space and context of the concrete. With the right tooling and horsepower, you should have the surface flattened and ready for foot traffic in a reasonable amount of time.

Preventing Concrete Floor Defects

Moisture is a pretty notorious enemy of concrete. You should take measures to ensure unwanted moisture is avoided in your space or upon installation or you risk surface cracks (or worse). You’ll also want to ensure you’re mixing the concrete adequately. Concrete that is not mixed well will not form a good bond and therefore be weak once set and dried.

Another way to prevent concrete surface issues: hire a professional. If you’re a home or commercial property owner attempting to apply concrete surface solutions by yourself with little or no experience in the practice, you risk missing out on the informed and careful approach that comes from workers with seasoned backgrounds. 

Get It All From Runyon Surface Prep

Whether your concrete surface is a few years old and simply broken down from moisture and wear and tear or you’ve noticed surface cracks in new concrete, know that there are solutions at your disposal. 

At Runyon, we supply concrete mixes and equipment to assist contractors and businesses of all sizes with their concrete preparation needs. We offer equipment for purchase or rent, and we also ship globally when the project calls for it. Give us a call or connect with us online to learn more.