Whether you’re new to the world of concrete polishing or you’ve tackled hundreds of jobs, you probably know that taking on a project without the appropriate tools and equipment can only end in disaster. You’ll need the right concrete polishing tools and consumables to get a job done. 

What that looks like will differ greatly depending on the size, timeline, and other details of your project—and your concrete polishing machines certainly won’t fit in a real toolbox! But stick with us for the metaphor, and keep these essential supplies and equipment in mind as you approach your next concrete polishing job.

Concrete Polishing Machines

Sure, you can grind  concrete by hand—but to tackle projects with any significant amount of square footage, you’ll need some type of floor grinder with a dust shroud or other dust extraction system. Walk behind grinders come in a variety of weights and RPMs, and the correct size for you will depend on the surface area of your average project.

Depending on your area of expertise, you’ll want to add a number of other concrete polishing machines to your lineup, starting with a burnisher, which will allow your team to polish floors to a high shine. And if you’re intrigued by the growing popularity of trowel polishing, consider investing in or renting a trowel polisher for larger projects that demand a tight turnaround.


You’ll want to stay stocked up on diamond polishing pads in various grits and types. Metal bond, resin bond, and transitional diamond tooling all play different roles in the concrete polishing process. If you aren’t using the right grit at the right stage, you’ll go through tooling much faster than is normal, costing you money in both consumable cost and labor as well as  impacting the quality of your final floor.

You’ll also need a variety of chemicals for concrete floor polishing, depending on the exact nature of the project in question. That might be anything from concrete colorant to sealants and cleaner. As with any consumable, be sure to purchase and bring along more than you think you’ll need—you never know when a drum will get knocked over or a stain will prove to be particularly stubborn.


Before accepting a job, be sure to find out some information about the electrical setup at the job site. The last thing you want is to blow out the circuit board of your concrete polishing machine and add thousands of dollars in expenses to your total cost!

If you don’t have the proper voltage available in-house, you’ll need to bring along a generator. And if you’re tackling a larger project, such as a warehouse or school, you may want to have one or more on hand regardless of the site setup. And be sure to remember your heavy-duty extension cords and electrical cords.

Air Scrubber and Industrial Vacuum

Dry grinding creates a large amount of dust, which can do more than just make a mess—it can be harmful to the health of your team. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employers take steps to protect workers and overall limit their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters, along with industrial vacuums, will allow you to protect your team and clean up leftover dust and debris.

A Reliable Product and Tools Supplier

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does cover many of the essentials. This last one, though, is possibly the most important thing you can have in your arsenal: a concrete polishing distributor you can trust. When you run out of diamond tooling or have a floor grinder stop working in the middle of a job, you need a distributor that can quickly get you the items you need. Runyon Surface Prep is exactly that—we can even ship consumables and equipment out the same day you place an order, ensuring that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Additionally, partnering with a full-service sales and rental facility can allow you to take on larger and more complex jobs without having to invest in expensive concrete polishing machines. You might start by renting a trowel polisher or other equipment for a few jobs before deciding to purchase one.

Stay Stocked With Runyon Surface Prep

At Runyon Surface Prep, our mission is to help you tackle jobs of every size with confidence. We also offer technical training in a wide range of skills, such as edging, concrete repair, and even marketing strategies. Have questions about our products or resources? Reach out today—our sales team is always happy to help!