Let’s be honest, when it comes to holding contractors to specs, it’s always been an uphill battle. Maybe you gather your most experienced employees and let them “eye the shine.” Or if you are fortunate enough to have a meter, someone crouches down to take a reading, records it, and then moves on to repeat the process. And after all that, what exactly do all those numbers mean? And how does one get those numbers into a professional and functional format to be properly evaluated?

As an international wholesaler uniquely focused on polished concrete, Runyon Surface Prep (RSP), based out of Carmel, Indiana, has taken on the challenge to improve and perfect the measurement experience. Their quest began many years ago with the fundamental knowledge that polished concrete can be accurately measured using limited variables: gloss, haze, roughness, and distinctness of image. And to quantify those variables, accurate meters are a necessity. There is no circumventing that prerequisite. So, RSP tasked themselves to streamline the process, and they went about that by addressing its two most problematic aspects: convenience and utility. Thus, an ambitious and far-reaching project was born.

Although the journey was never easy, after years of R&D, diligent testing, and constant improvements, RSP is now thrilled to announce their revolutionary new system—Runyon Data Services! To address the issue of convenience, they developed a self-contained mobile cart to house the meters and charger. That means no more kneeling and bending. In order to radically increase utility, a small computer “brain” was incorporated into the cart, where it wirelessly transmits meter readings directly into the Runyon App. Thus, no more scribbling. And then finally, from that Runyon App, measurements can be compared to selected specs, compiled into custom reports, enhanced with comments and images, and then stored and/or securely disseminated via email or text. All this from the palm of your hand.

So, whether you’re a polishing contractor trying to meet required specs, or a manager/owner verifying that your specs have been met, there’s no longer a need to suffer through aching backs, disjointed equipment, or misplaced papers. A reliable new solution exists. And while it’s been a long time in the making, Runyon Data Services is now available to boost efficiency, increase productivity, and make measuring so much easier over the life of your polished concrete.