ColorJuice 3D Exterior Concrete

photos courtesy of Ameripolish

Adding color to existing exterior concrete is a great option to aesthetically enhance landscaping. However, to maximize the longevity and appearance, the correct coloring products, application techniques and protective sealers must be used.
Since exterior concrete is subject to UV radiation and open to the elements, a coloring product specifically designed to hold up to these factors in ways that interior-use dyes are not capable of is recommended. Prosoco ColorHard and Ameripolish ColorJuice 3D are two products that are UV stable and engineered for exposure to the elements. They both will provide years of beautiful color in exterior applications.

Proper preparation of the concrete to be colored is crucial for the successful application of both ColorHard and ColorJuice 3D. Prior to applying either of these products, any sealers that are present must be removed and the concrete substrate must be cleaned and free of debris. In addition, the use of a mild etching agent is recommended to dissolve latents and salts that may be blocking the access channels into the interior of the concrete. For ColorHard, a deep clean with SafEtch is ideal for this purpose; while for ColorJuice 3D, EZ Etch would be the best choice.

Once the color has been applied according to the manufacturer’s recommended process, It is very important to protect the concrete and its beautiful new hue with the proper sealer. For ColorJuice, one of the X-Link sealers should be applied and for ColorHard, GuardEXT is the product of choice.
With either the Ameripolish ColorJuice 3D system, or the Prosoco ColorHard system, existing exterior concrete can be aesthetically enhanced and protected for the long-term.


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