Floor grinders, shot blasters, power trowels – amid the list of surface prep equipment at the heart of concrete work, there are several tools that go underappreciated and underutilized, even by experienced professionals.

Runyon Surface Prep is a sales and rental facility that partners with contractors and businesses, providing equipment for every step of their concrete finishing operations. We drafted this post to highlight the concrete finishing tools that provide unmatched convenience to each project.

Finishing Tools for Polishing

Depending on the surface area and building architecture, concrete polishing can be tricky. There are ways that a normal job becomes complicated once workers complete the main surface area polishing and general difficulties made by surface design. That’s where these tools come in.

#1 RACATAC Dolly

The Racatac dolly offers surface prep workers ergonomic comfort in otherwise difficult-to-maneuver situations, providing stable chest and knee support. In other words, you can use both hands in different working positions while your knees and back remain supported.

  • How do you move on a Racatac? By using your feet and toes.
  • Is it adjustable? You can adjust the seat and chest support height for maximum comfort.

#2 Edgers

Whether using a manual edger by hand or a powered, walk-behind concrete edger, the edger is a concrete finishing tool that may not get all the glory of traditional equipment but is a must-have with every project. Edgers help you create grooves for curb appeal and overall provide a cleaner finish along the edges of your surface.

Finishing Tools for Protection

Protecting the quality of your finishing work is about as vital as the work itself. Businesses and homeowners invest in you for a reason, it’s vital that you protect concrete from unwanted moisture and other potentially compromising elements.

#3 Ram Board

Ram Board, one of our partners, manufactures floor protection materials engineered specifically for contractors like you. Their main product, of the same name, is a floor covering that’s engineered with cost and efficiency in mind.

It not only provides a guard against spills or rain during the concrete curing process, but Ram Board also supports the curing process with Vapor-Cure™ technology. The best part about Ram Board? You can reuse it!

What Is Vapor-Cure™ technology?

Ram Board’s Vapor-Cure™, included in their floor coverings and tape, provides breathability for the floor curing process. The material supported by Vapor-Cure™ allows vapors to escape while also protecting floors.

Finishing Tools That You May Not Know About

And then there are those tools that bring extra efficiency to the project, the ones that contractors rely on to take their work to the next level. We’ve highlighted two tools in particular that we believe can really improve your concrete finishing approach.

#4 Magnetic Preload System

The Magnetic Preload System (MPS) from Runyon Surface Prep is engineered with magnetic and Velcro technology to provide easy change-out of tooling pads for convenient polishing operations. This system is compatible with power trowels, auto scrubbers, and swing machines. So, if you’re polishing with your power trowel and you need to change out to the next level grit, the MPS can help you do so without completely overhauling your tooling setup.

#5 Runyon Data Services

We probably don’t need to tell you how important a quality gloss measurement is. The right balance of gloss on a finished concrete surface can make or break that vital first impression of a client. But did you know there are apps you can pair with your gloss meters?

Runyon Data Services is a digital tool app you can download on your phone or tablet and pair up with Bluetooth-capable hardware for concrete finishing. The app communicates with your compatible meter, receives important data, and populates it accordingly, providing you with convenient data management for best finishing practices.

Decades of Providing Quality Concrete Equipment & Accessories

Runyon is proud to pair top-of-the-line industry brands with unmatched distribution tactics. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all things concrete surface equipment. But most importantly, we believe in developing partnerships that last a lifetime, offering customer support at every level.

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