Runyon Power Strip N' Scrub SystemRunyon Surface Prep’s Strip-N-Scrub System easily restores heavily soiled concrete or terrazzo floors when used on a power trowel machine. It can also be used to quickly and efficiently remove sealers, including cure and seals, from concrete
By using non-woven floor pads, this innovative system increases the functionality and versatility of your power trowel. The pads and drivers are simple to attach, easy to use and improve the versatility of an 8-foot power trowel machine. The system works for many types of applications (restoration, stripping and cleaning) and keeps your workflow progressing smoothly.
The Power Strip N’ Scrub System set-up for an 8-foot trowel machine includes:

  • (2) 46-inch float pans
  • (10) Pad drivers – velcro (5 per pan)
  • (2) 46-inch non-woven pads

Steel Float Pans Anchor This System
The two Kraft Tool ProForm float pans in this system are made of heavy-duty #10-gauge steel, providing strength and durability. The edges are beveled with a .125-inch rise to keep them from digging into the concrete. Each pan fits over five power trowel blades and is held securely in place by two clips. The two float pans have five velcro drivers to hold the applicator pads. You can extend their service life by rotating the steel float pans periodically.
Rejuvenate Polished Concrete & Terrazzo
The Power Strip N’ Scrub System expands a power trowel’s work potential from applications to restoration, stripping and maintenance. Light restoration / rejuvenation of a previously polished concrete or terrazzo floor only requires attaching diamond impregnated pads on each float pan. Using diamond impregnated pads in progressively finer grits in sequence will restore the refinement of a lightly worn previously polished substrate to a high aesthetic level.
Stripping Sealers (Including Cure and Seals)
Thoroughly removing a sealer from a concrete floor is a hassle without the right products. Using the Power Strip N’ Scrub System with  46-inch black stripping pad in conjunction with a chemical stripping agent, most sealers can be quickly and efficiently removed.
Scrub & Densify
You can also use a power trowel to scrub in a chemical hardener or densifier to a concrete floor. These reactive silicate/silicanate liquids chemically react with the calcium hydroxide present in the concrete, forming a harder, denser substrate that is more impact and abrasion resistant. Many densifiers require agitation during the application to properly penetrate and react and using a power trowel outfitted with black non-woven pads to provide this agitation is an extremely efficient method for this.
Deep Clean with a Power Trowel Machine
The 8-foot path of a power trowel machine creates an efficiency advantage when deep cleaning large areas. Paired with heavy-duty cleaners or de-greasers, the system quickly and capably clean the dirtiest of surfaces and provides deep-clean results every time.
RSP Power Strip N’ Scrub System
Maximize your team’s productivity with a versatile pad attachment kit like the Runyon Surface Prep Power Strip N’ Scrub system. It expands the scope of work your power trowel machine can accomplish. Keep your crew working efficiently and boost your completion rate by adding one of these systems to your trowel machine.

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