46″ Heavy-Duty ProForm Float Pan (5 Blade)


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Use Kraft Tool’s ProForm float pan as part of the Runyon Power Strip N’ Scrub System. The RSP Power Strip N’ Scrub System is a method of attaching non-woven floor pads to power trowels to increase the functionality and versatility of the equipment. Designed to run under an 8′ ride-on trowel, each pad is 46″ across and goes onto a flat float pan equipped with male velcro holders; this makes changing pads simple, fast and efficient. The RSP Power Trowel Scrub System can be used for several applications, including restoration/rejuvenation, stripping cure and seal, scrubbing and densifying, final clean and deep scrub.

Use each 46″ float pan (2 per 8′ power trowel) in conjunction with (5) 14″ velcro pad drivers and (1) 46″ pad (depends on the application). Adhere the 14″ velcro pads to the float pan in a ring, which allows you to attach each 46″ pad.

More info on the float pan itself: the 3/4″ tall blade has a slight bevel to keep pans from digging into the concrete while working. The edges of the pan feature a slight bevel with a .125″ rise to keep the pan from digging into concrete. The finish area is slightly smaller than the float pan due to this beveling. The heavy-duty #10 gauge steel construction means strength and long wear. The 45-3/4″ wide float pan fits right over five power troweler blades with Z-Clips securing the pan. The Z-Clip style pan fits right over the power troweler blades. Slots on the float pan fit to to power troweler blades on the machine. The design of the blade slots lets the pan be used on trowelers that run either direction. The float pan has an inside diameter of 44-3/4″ inside diameter to fit on five blade machines. Rotate pans for optimal life of the pan.

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 46 × 4 in




Spec Sheets


  • Strong 10-gauge steel pan
  • Beveled to avoid digging into the concrete
  • Bevel features an 1/8″ rise from center of pan to edge
  • Z-Clip Style connections secure pan to blades


  • Weight: 67lb
  • Thickness: 0.134″
  • Diameter: 45-3/4″
  • Material: #10 gauge steel

RSP Guide to Power Trowel Polishing PDF