Runyon Surface Prep’s Slurry Processing System simplifies the task of what to do with jobsite concrete mud when wet grinding.
The growing popularity of wet-polishing and the use of power trowel machines (that must be run wet) increases the need for an efficient and economical solution to slurry removal. More wet work is being done to reduce silica levels on job sites, increase safety and to meet the new OSHA Silica Standard. Runyon Surface Prep’s Slurry Processing System uses the innovative products from Slurry Solutions to facilitate the handling of concrete slurry. This system reduces the amount of waste material to discard, removes heavy metal contaminants, lowers pH and reuses the separated water back on the job.
Science Wins in the War on Slurry
The science behind Slurry Solutions products centers around separating suspended solids from the water. Adding the MudDog SlurrySep flocculant causes particles to clump together and settle to the bottom of the mixing bag. This treated waste-water is then filtered through a de-watering slurry bag  after which the treated-water can be pumped out for use or disposed of. SlurryDry is a polymer that, when added to the remaining slurry, coagulates the liquid into a dry solid. The resulting solid matter can now be safely disposed of in a landfill without worry of contaminating groundwater. Use Slurry Destroyer to aid in the clean-up and removal of concrete slurry from equipment. It turns hardened sludge into a soft substance for quicker removal. For more detailed step-by-step instructions, visit our website or review these photos documenting the use of Slurry Solutions products on a recent 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse project.
Suggested Equipment List

  • Low profile mixing bag or dumpster
  • Slurry bag tote
  • MudDog SlurrySep flocculant
  • MudDog SlurryDry
  • MudDog Slurry Destroyer
  • De-watering slurry bags
  • Trash pump with 2-inch discharge hose
  • Clean water sump pump
  • 100’ garden hose
  • 100’ extension cord with a splitter
  • Soaking pan

Keep Toxins Out of the Ground and Water
Why all the anxiety over disposing of concrete mud? Besides avoiding hefty EPA fines, using outdated methods to dispose of slurry can be costly. Toxic materials such as glues, oils, mastic, fertilizers and solvents can be present in the concrete substrate you prep. Working wet does protect crews from breathing these carcinogens, but it does not eliminate them. Toxins leach into our oceans, rivers and water table. Letting slurry dry without removing contaminants only allows it to become airborne sediment. This residual dust clogs our waterways, causing $16 billion in damage each year.
Disposal of Slurry is Part of the Job
Planning on how to handle slurry is part of the project, not an afterthought. Incorporate it into your job plans from the start. Research different methods to eliminate concrete mud and make the decision that works for your company, crew and budget. Here are some suggestions on how to include plans for eliminating waste in your job preparations.
Ways to Effectively Manage Slurry Disposal

  • Review your slurry management and disposal plan early
  • Understand the EPA regulations as well as state and local laws
  • Inspect the original substrate for possible toxins
  • Determine how to collect and store slurry
  • Test the substrate for contaminants
  • Conduct periodic pH tests
  • Plan for accidental leaks or spills
  • Dispose of the slurry while adhering to EPA/state/local guidelines

RSP Slurry Processing System
Proper containment and disposal of concrete slurry is what every professional in our industry deals with under the watchful eye of the EPA. Turn this essential chore into an effective elimination strategy with Runyon’s Slurry Processing System and Slurry Solutions’ innovative products. The science behind this new technique makes discarding job site mud fast, easy and environmentally sound. It lets you focus on the project and less on how to manage the messy aftermath.
For the full look at the Runyon Trowel Systems, check out our Guide to Power Trowel Polishing booklet.
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