Restoring Polished Concrete After Spills & Stains

Floors are not immune to scratches or stains, but you can remove stains from polished concrete and restore them using the proper tools. If you have any scratches or discoloration on your polished concrete, use diamond polishing pads and specially formulated cleaners to repair the surface.

How to Restore Polished Concrete After Spills and Scratches

Diamond polishing pads should be used alongside specially formulated cleaners to repair any scratches or discoloration caused by these substances, starting from the least aggressive grit required for efficient job completion. 

This method will give you the best results, allowing you to clean stained flooring and restore your polished floor back to lustrous condition! 

Pairing the diamond polishing pads with a specially formulated cleaner will ensure that any stains are removed, and your flooring is cleaned effectively. 

By following this process, you can restore your polished concrete floors to their original lustrous condition. This method of removing scratches and stains is an effective solution for maintaining the appearance of your polished concrete surfaces.

How to Remove Stains from Concrete 

Look after your polished concrete floors with the right cleaner and stain protector! We’ve categorized a list of common spills to help you determine how to clean stubborn stains without compromising that beautiful finish. 

Awareness of the substances that need cleaning will inform the floor cleaning methods for removing stains. It could be the difference between an immaculate floor or one filled with unsightly stains.

  • Acidic Substances (e.g. cola, milk, pickles, mustard): Acids will etch if not removed quickly. Clean immediately with clean water (with a pressure washer or mop, depending on your space requirements) or a concrete cleaner like Prosoco DailyKlean.
  • Adhesives: Remove the tape with a razor blade, being careful not to scratch the floor surface. Use Prosoco Wax & Cure Remover or acetone to eliminate the gummy residue.
  • Alkaline Substances (e.g. laundry soap, ammonia): Clean spills quickly and minimize stains by using premium concrete cleaners like Prosoco DailyKlean. Refresh the gloss with a stain guard such as Prosoco LSGuard.
  • Chocolate: To get rid of most stains, dilute Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser in a 1:10 ratio and light scrub.
  • De-Icing Salts: Use a concrete cleaner like Prosoco DailyKlean to remove the deposits.
  • Grease, Oil, Brake Fluid: Following a spill, clean with Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser diluted to a 1:10 ratio with water.
  • Set-in Stains: Use Prosoco Oil & Grease Stain Remover to pull out tough stains. For deep stains, you may need to apply more than once.
  • Gum: Remove quickly to avoid staining and gently scrape up the remains. Eliminate leftover residue with Prosoco Wax & Cure Remover.
  • Mildew: For biological staining, treat the area with Prosoco EnviroKlean ReVive.
  • Tire Marks: Scrub smudges with Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser.
  • Water Stains: Using a high-speed rotary burnishing machine quickly removes most water stains. On stubborn spots, dilute Prosoco LSGuard in a 1:10 ratio with water and lightly mist the surface before burnishing. The product creates a wet-looking shine.

Steps to Restoring Polished Concrete Floors

Cleaning is crucial if you want to maintain your polished concrete surface in its best condition. 

Once you have successfully removed any stains or blemishes from your polished concrete surface, you can proceed with regular cleaning to keep it looking great.

To start:

  1. Sweep away any dust and debris using a broom or vacuum to clear the surface.
  2. Use a damp cloth and a high-quality cleaner to mop the area thoroughly.
  3. Use a cleaner specifically formulated for polished concrete surfaces, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Finally, to maintain an extra-shiny finish, buff your concrete floors regularly. Doing this will help to protect the surface and maintain its top condition throughout the year. 

With these simple steps, your concrete floors will remain clean, shiny, and looking their best for years to come.

What’s the Best Polished Concrete Cleaner? 

Looking for an effective polished concrete cleaner? Runyon has you covered with its range of Prosoco cleaners formulated to effectively clean even the toughest stains like rust, mud, and atmospheric dirt from your concrete surfaces.

When using any type or brand of cleaner, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any damage to your polished concrete surfaces. Therefore, a spot test beforehand is highly recommended before using any cleaner.

Otherwise, you might potentially damage acid-sensitive surfaces or wear away coatings on your polished concrete floors.

Not adhering to these precautions might lead to adverse consequences, such as wearing away coatings on your polished concrete floors or causing damage to acid-sensitive surfaces. 

Thus, it’s best to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your surfaces remain in top condition while enjoying the benefits of using a powerful cleaner.

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