Restoring Polished Concrete After Spills & Stains

Polished concrete is a fantastic flooring choice for industrial facilities, commercial spaces and retail stores. Though durable and low-maintenance, it is possible to damage this type of flooring. Liquids left on a polished surface can stain or etch, especially if it is citric, acidic or caustic in nature. Stain protectors are added as a final layer to prevent damage.

Removing Scratches and Stains from Polished Concrete

If an etch happens, use diamond polishing pads and specially formulated cleaners to restore the concrete. The condition of the floor will influence which grit you use to remove scratches and stains. Always start with the least aggressive grit that will effectively remediate the etch. They can lighten a surface and remove dyes.

Polished concrete cleaners are formulated to remove dirt without damaging the

refinement or aesthetic values of the floor. They work with stain protectors to retain color and prevent further damage. The source of a spill will determine how to clean it. We compiled a list of substances that can stain when spilled and the appropriate way to clean them.

  • Acidic Substances (e.g. cola, milk, pickles, mustard): Acids will etch if not removed quickly. Clean immediately with fresh water or a concrete cleaner like Prosoco DailyKlean.
  • Adhesives: Remove the tape with a razor blade, being careful not to scratch the floor surface. Use Prosoco Wax & Cure Remover or acetone to eliminate the gummy residue.
  • Alkaline Substances (e.g. laundry soap, ammonia): Clean spills quickly and minimize stains by using a concrete cleaner like Prosoco DailyKlean. Refresh the gloss with a stain guard such as Prosoco LSGuard.
  • Chocolate: To get rid of most stains, dilute Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser in a 1:10 ratio and light scrub.
  • De-Icing Salts: Use a concrete cleaner like Prosoco DailyKlean to remove the deposits.
  • Grease, Oil, Brake Fluid: Following a spill, clean with Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser diluted to a 1:10 ratio with water.
  • Set-in Stains: Use Prosoco Oil & Grease Stain Remover to pull out tough stains. For deep stains, you may need to apply more than once.
  • Gum: Remove quickly to avoid staining and gently scrape up the remains. Eliminate leftover residue with Prosoco Wax & Cure Remover.
  • Mildew: For biological staining, treat the area with Prosoco EnviroKlean ReVive.
  • Tire Marks: Scrub smudges with Prosoco Cleaner/Degreaser.
  • Water Stains: Use of a high-speed rotary burnishing machine gets rid of most water stains quickly. On stubborn spots, dilute Prosoco LSGuard in a 1:10 ratio with water and lightly mist the surface before burnishing. The product creates a wet-looking shine.

How to Clean Concrete Floors

Once you’ve removed the stain or mark from the concrete surface, it doesn’t hurt to give the surface a good cleaning. To clean your polished concrete, use a broom and dustmop or vacuum to remove the top layers of dirt and grime. Then use a damp mop (do not soak it) and a good quality concrete surface cleaner. After that, buff the concrete surface on a semi-regular basis to maintain a nice shine.  

What’s the Best Concrete Cleaner for My Polished Floor? 

Runyon carries Prosoco concrete cleaners designed for general-purpose acidic cleaning for the removal of rust, mud, atmospheric dirt, and other stains. These cleaners are perfect for the types of stains mentioned in this post but users should always follow the manufacturer’s directions, regardless of the brand or cleaner type.

Note, always test the cleaner on the concrete surface before application. Some concrete cleaners can wear down coating or destroy acid-sensitive surfaces. 

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Runyon Surface Prep is a full-service sales and rental facility uniquely dedicated to the concrete polishing industry. Our uniqueness comes from providing our customers with a diverse equipment, product and supply portfolio. 

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