When you hear “Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology™,” it may create excitement or apprehension, depending on your level of adeptness. Although making sense of this unique system may at first seem overwhelming, mastering your understanding will improve both production and performance. Thus, learning the intricate ins and outs can help you to best utilize your Husqvarna floor grinder, so pay attention!

The Essence of Dual Drive Technology

To begin, you should first know that this system comes standard only on models PG 820 and PG 680. Now, the key to understanding the Dual Drive system is that it provides versatility of movement, by allowing the operator to control the speed and direction of either the planetary head or the discs. This results in unlimited speed and directional combinations. For instance, the grinding discs can function in the same direction rotation or counter rotation.

Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology


The Unparalleled Benefits

Beyond this primary benefit however, there are other appealing advantages:

  • Allows grinding optimization for any application
  • Same direction rotation creates more friction on diamond tools – i.e. wider grinding width and higher productivity
  • Opposite rotation creates less friction on diamond tools – i.e. less powerful grinding and easier handling

Application Optimization

With these in mind, there are certain applications that are most ideal based on the setting you choose. This may not be surprising, but almost all applications can be applied using same direction rotation, and they are as follows:

  • Epoxy coating removal
  • Ceramic tile adhesive removal
  • Rain-damaged slab rectification
  • Flattening of uneven floors
  • Aggressive grinding of floor surfaces
  • Removal of thick contact adhesive
  • Lippage removal (stone and terrazzo tiles)
  • Resin bond diamonds, concrete
  • Resin bond diamonds, stone

However, counter-rotation also has specific applications it is well-suited for, including lippage removal, re-grouting of concrete floors (for Hiperfloor™ System) and both concrete and stone resin bonds. In addition, disc speed and planetary speed determine which applications can be best optimized. Refer to the chart below for those specifications:
Dual Drive Application Optimization
After delving into the essence of Husqvarna Dual Drive Technology™, the benefits, and application optimization, this complex but rewarding system should be clearer. This Husqvarna technology not only sets it apart, but it allows you – the user – to experience unparalleled control, power and a multi-functional range of applications. Begin putting your newfound knowledge to use now and you will see an increase in productivity and performance.
If you would like to learn even more about Husqvarna’s Dual Drive system, along with other Husqvarna products and applications, consider attending our 2-Day Husqvarna Training Class coming up October 16th and 17th. Reserve your spot here.