The broad spectrum of commercial operations brings in numerous factors to consider when it comes to concrete surface prep and coating, some factors are unique to the coinciding industry or even the business itself. But there are also matters that are universal to nearly every commercial operation – whether you’re coating a mall floor, the lobby of a tower downtown or a manufacturing space laden with heavy-duty machinery.

At Runyon Surface Prep, we assist a wide range of businesses and contractors with equipment and coating solutions. Whatever the demands of the project, our catalog has an answer. We’ve put together this post to highlight the most significant coating factors that weigh into commercial flooring applications. Stick around to learn more.

1. Operation Interruption

No matter how you spin it, there will be some kind of interruption on a mass-scale concrete surface prep installation. Of course, there are ways for managers and workers to adapt to this interruption – working around shifts and breaks, scheduling machinery and production lines for odd-hour operations. However, your best bet at minimizing your business’s interruption (especially for those running a 24-hour cycle) is with a polyurethane coating that bonds and sets quickly.

2. Environmental Influences

If you’re in manufacturing and your production experiences common spills or leaks, you’ll probably want to go with a coating capable of taking on slip resistance additives like Spartacote Diamond Topp. Traction additives like these are high-performance and intended for intense environments that demand serious skid and abrasion resistance. The same goes for commercial gym flooring or kitchen floors with heavy foot traffic and spill potential. The last thing managers need is an injured worker or guest.

3. Outdoor-vs-Indoor Demands

Then there’s the matter of the elements. Ultraviolet rays and weather can have a big influence on the long-term survival of your concrete coating. Look for Key Resin UV-resistant epoxy coatings for outdoor applications or surfaces with regular exposure to natural light, and use a polyaspartic top-coat for extra support.

Similarly, some coats are better than others indoors – especially if you have workers or guests nearby. Look for low-odor, quick-drying coats as your best option here. Urethane coating/sealers are a top choice for low odor applications and fast curing time. Check out our Key Resin polyurethane options to learn more.

4. Branding and Design

Some concrete coating choices are better than others for design purposes. Of course, not all businesses are concerned about how their surfaces are received by guests – especially production industries that have only workers on their floor. But for B2C operations especially, property owners and designers will want a long-lasting coat with good color retention.

What Coating Type Is Best for Design Purposes?

When it comes to design, you may want to consider using a polyaspartic top-coat as these products have excellent gloss and color retention capabilities. They also have good abrasion and scratch resistance – making them a great choice for designers and owners concerned about long-term visual appeal.

5. The Project’s Budget

Not every budget lends well to the highest quality finished coat. When all is said and done, the cost for bringing in additives and pigments, paying for labor, and halting operations can add up quickly. But that doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on what’s vital for your commercial flooring. 

Good quality epoxy coatings are not only efficient for a wide range of applications, but they’re also relatively inexpensive compared to other options – depending, of course, on the size of your space and if you’re looking for a short- or long-term solution.

Concrete Coating and Equipment from Runyon Surface Prep

At Runyon, we offer solutions for concrete polishing, surface preparation, resinous flooring and floor maintenance industries. Whether you need to rent or purchase a heavy-duty floor grinder or power trowel or you’re seeking concrete coating and coating accessories, we’ve got your project’s demands covered.

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