Once relegated to warehouse floors and out-of-sight restaurant kitchens, polished concrete can now be found in universities, corporate offices, and even residential dwellings. The right floor grinders and other equipment, coupled with proper surface preparation, will produce a beautiful floor that will serve you well for years to come.

Whether you’re a building owner comparing your flooring options or a contractor doing research in order to make a recommendation to a customer, we’ve got you covered with this handy list of reasons to choose a polished concrete floor. Take a look at the many benefits of this versatile flooring choice below.

1. Environmental Impact

Polished concrete doesn’t require any other flooring materials for installation—all you need is an existing concrete subfloor! After treating it with a multi-step polishing process that involves moving between diamond-impregnated pads of various grits, you’ll have a durable, beautiful alternative to traditional flooring options.

And in addition to not needing any extra materials, a polished concrete floor releases no toxic fumes or VOCs. Great for you and your team, great for the job site, great for the environment—what’s not to like?

2. Cost Effectiveness

When you account for the average lifespan of a floor, polished concrete is one of the most affordable flooring options out there. And techniques like trowel polishing are only making this option more accessible! With the help of a trowel polishing machine, smaller contractors can take on even larger concrete polishing jobs—and complete them more efficiently and productively than ever before.

3. Aesthetics

If you think a concrete floor can’t be beautiful, think again. Polished concrete is admired for its reflective sheen—if you ask us, that glossy quality alone is enough reason to call it beautiful. It can also be dyed, patterned, and polished to a variety of finishes. Different levels of aggregate exposure will result in wildly different (but equally appealing) surfaces. Finally, you can even embed objects into your flooring, creating a one-of-a-kind surface that will make your business stand out. 

Want to give colored concrete a try? You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to materials, like iron oxide pigments, acid-based chemical stains, and concrete dyes.

4. Easy Upkeep

One of the most significant draws of polished concrete for business owners is that no waxing is needed. A properly-installed polished concrete floor requires minimal upkeep, which is great for bustling buildings. Accumulated grime and dirt will need to be removed regularly to help the floor retain its glossy sheen, but that process is simple with a polished concrete floor-safe cleaner. 

If you leave a caustic, citric, or acidic liquid sitting on a polished concrete surface, it can stain or etch the floor. Fortunately, this kind of damage is fairly simple to remedy. You can use diamond-impregnated pads and cleaners specially formulated for polished concrete to restore the surface, returning your floor to its original condition.

5. Improved Work Environment

Thanks to its reflective finish, polished concrete can brighten up a workplace—literally. This smooth, polished surface will maximize the effects of lighting in the area. This offers additional visibility in warehouses, kitchens, and other settings where sight is key to avoiding slips and other accidents.

6. Simple Sanitation

Sanitation has always played a role in flooring choices for restaurants and other businesses handling food and other easily-contaminated materials. But the recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought cleanliness to the forefront for many other groups. Stricter sanitation regulations and general caution are resulting in increased interest in flooring options that are easy to clean. Polished concrete fits the bill perfectly.

This flooring choice is smooth and solid, without any cavities or large pores that might otherwise harbor dust mites, mold, pet dander, and pathogens. Ultimately, cleaning and sanitizing a polished concrete floor is quite simple and straightforward, so long as you have the right products.

7. Durability

Durability is another key quality of any floor that needs to stand up to heavy foot traffic or equipment use. Let’s weigh our options. Untreated concrete doesn’t stand a chance against spills, dirt, and other damaging forces. Concrete coatings will eventually wear away and need to be replaced regularly. Polished concrete doesn’t rip or scuff, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and is often finished off with a stain protector as a final layer. Looks like we have a winner!

Ready to Get Polishing?

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