Power trowels are a must-have when it comes to concrete surface prep equipment. Not only can they help you ready your concrete during initial installation, but you can also polish your concrete with them. In fact, some ride-on trowels can hold up to 60 tools at once, spanning enough square footage to polish 10,000 square feet per hour with 30+ HP motors. Of course, all that power and coverage can be for naught if you’re not able to complete the project in time.

That’s where magnetic preload systems (MPS) come in. An MPS brings several benefits to a job – and isn’t restricted to just power trowels. In fact, you can use them on auto scrubbers and swing machines. But no piece of equipment benefits from the MPS quite like the power trowel. When you can change the grit of your tooling without compromising precious time and labor, you set yourself up for success. 

This post will cover the easy-to-use magnetic preload system in all its glory, teaching you a little about how it works and why your project could use one.  

What Is a Magnetic Preload System?

A magnetic preload system is a system of parts that may be attached to surface prep equipment in order to provide a quicker means of switching out tooling grits. The embedded magnets in the MPS discs are what enable faster tooling replacement.  

How the MPS Works

First, a little about how the MPS works when applied to your power trowel. Bolted to your pad driver is a stainless-steel ring along with high-density polymer tool-holder rings. On one side of the polymer rings are embedded magnets, and on the other side are six recessed slots meant for 3” puck-style tools.

Changing the tools is as simple as removing the polymer holder and slipping in a pre-loaded holder in its place. Secure placement is automatic thanks to guiding holes on the rings. Every Runyon MPS comes with one of the stainless-steel rings and two of the polymer tool-holders, and the system will work with a standard 11” or a 14” pad driver. Runyon actually sells pad drivers, if you’re in need of some. 

The Benefits of a Magnetic Preload System

It used to be that changing over the tooling on a large power trowel machine significantly slowed the polishing process. Added up, businesses and contractors lose precious labor hours to this process and ultimately take a hit on their bottom line – not to mention the interruption of the job’s momentum, a fact that may be a bigger deal to seasoned savants of the trade who take pride in their efficiency. This, of course, leads us to the first benefit of the magnetic preload system.

Execute Quickly and Efficiently  

When dealing with a particularly rough or otherwise high-maintenance concrete surface, you’ll likely need a range of different polishing tools. With an MPS, you could theoretically have several rings ready to go—each with varying grits—and waiting to exercise their abrasive talents. They need only be prepped ahead of time, something that can be done before you get to the job site.

Bring a Strategic Approach to Every Job

Having the tools ready to go does more than bring efficiency to the task at hand. Knowing ahead of time that you’re within arms reach of a replacement ring can help you better prepare for any bumps in the road, and therefore strategize accordingly.

You may want to bring in grits you don’t expect to use, for example, in the event of unforeseen issues. Where once you might have to stop everything and reassess the situation, now you’ll have a backup set of tools ready to slide into the holder.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Concrete Surface Prep Equipment

At Runyon Surface Prep, we offer surface prep equipment that covers a wide range of project needs. Our catalog ranges from Terrazzo aggregate and epoxy coating to heavy-duty dust extractors and, of course, ride-on power trowels. Runyon equipment is also available to purchase or to rent and may be shipped internationally.

Magnetic preload systems for Runyon ride-on trowels are compatible with the RSP LD6, the STX 10, and the PRSX 12. Looking to learn about power trowels? Check out these advantages.

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