Properly leveling and evenly coating flooring often requires great precision and detail. However, a smooth, flat surface is the desired end result, so achieving this is essential.
Well…a new industry product revolutionizes this process, by providing the simple design and functionality needed to achieve a perfect finish. So, if you need proper floor coating adhesion, achieve it with porcupine rollers from CTS RapidSet. These spiked rollers are designed to be used on freshly applied floor coatings for the purpose of releasing trapped gas, as well as, to assist in the leveling process of several varieties of floor coatings. These rollers are meant to be used over and over, and they are designed for easy cleaning. Each roller is made of stainless steel spikes, each 1-1/4″ long, and the roller itself has a 24″ width for wide coverage.
A synopsis of major benefits include:Porcupine Roller

  • Sleek, stainless steel design
  • Ideal for freshly applied floor coatings
  • Releases trapped gas in newly applied floor coatings
  • Assists in the leveling process of several varieties of coatings
  • Can be used over and over
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • 1-1/4” durable, steel spikes

This product is extremely new, thus in the beginning stage within the market. Runyon Surface Prep is a premier distributor – one of the few authorized to sell it. If you are interested in this product, or would like to learn more, please visit the webpage here or contact And, we will be at the upcoming International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference (ICPSC) Sept. 12-15 selling these porcupine rollers, so visit our booth!