High-gloss finishes bring a visually appealing touch to concrete surfaces, one that’s especially popular in commercial projects but can be just as well utilized in residential applications.

To achieve a high-gloss finish on concrete, you can either polish the surface with the appropriate diamond tooling or you can use a quality high-gloss concrete sealer. This blog post is intended to educate you on achieving and maintaining a high-gloss finish for your concrete surface.

Steps for Applying High-Gloss Concrete Sealer

One method for achieving a high-gloss surface is with gloss sealer, as applied accordingly: 

  1. Once you remove the lid of your sealer, sure to mix it well to achieve consistent elements throughout the formula. Sometimes sediment can fall to the bottom of the bucket or container.
  2. Using a plastic cup or tool recommended by the sealer manufacturer, pour your sealer into a paint tray—careful not to cause splashing.
  3. Apply the sealer with a paintbrush along the edges and a roller for the remainder of the surface. Be sure you’re coating the surface evenly and avoiding puddles.
  4. Allow at least two hours (or the manufacturer recommended timeframe) of drying time between coats. Full sealer cures are typically achieved in 24 hours.

Achieving a High-Gloss Finish With Mechanical Polishing Pads

You can also utilize polishing pads to achieve a high-gloss appearance for your concrete surface. Well-manufactured diamond tooling via planetary grinders or power trowels can provide a chemical-free glossy look that will last (with adequate maintenance, of course).

Runyon’s Hi-Shine pads, for example, are made of dense hogs hair capable of heating up or cooling down and may be run dry and also include 2” diamond pucks embedded into the pad. But how can you be sure the polish gets the job done effectively? Read on for more.

Measuring Gloss With the Latest Technology

In today’s surface prep industry, there are devices available that will help you measure gloss. You may have already used or even purchased a glossmeter. But did you know there are also apps that will pair with these devices?

Runyon Data Services (RDS) brings accurate gloss analysis and a dynamic user interface to the gloss measuring experience.

How RDS Works

First, download the Runyon Data Services app from your phone or tablet’s app store.

Then be sure to connect your glossmeter/measurement device to your phone’s Bluetooth feature. You can actually use the RDS app to do this.

Once paired with your device, you can begin a “New Inspection,” fill out the suggested windows with necessary details (location, class options, etc.), and begin your gloss analysis.

The Importance of Measuring Gloss

While you could rely on your own vision to give you an idea of your application’s success, you’re better off measuring the gloss with technology to ensure you’ve achieved the high level you’re aiming for. You’ll also want to ensure an appropriate level of gloss for the human gaze.

Why does the appropriate level of gloss matter? Believe it or not, gloss can have a psychological impact on workers or guests due to its shiny or lustrous metallic appearance. Factors that influence the gloss level and the subsequent psychological impact include polishing smoothness, amount of coating, and sealer quality.

Maintaining a High-Gloss Finish

To maintain a quality shine on your concrete surface, you’ll want to regularly remove dust and grime, protect it from oil and chemical spills, and utilize walking mats whenever possible. Be sure you’re also buffing the surface on a semi-regular basis.

Supplying Concrete Surface Equipment on an International Scale

At Runyon Surface Prep, we supply a wide selection of concrete surface equipment and accessories for purchase or rent. Our catalog includes a variety of floor grinders, silica dust extractors, ride-on and walk-behind power trowels, and much more.

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