It is always really inspiring to see our customers’ finished work, and this week Chris Klepper of Dura-Bond has provided us a little insight into a job they did at a facility in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Essentially, they created a bold stencil on the polished floor surface using Ameripolish Surelock Dye.

Chris said it is important to note that you can still make colors bold on a soft concrete floor. Many people tend to have issues making dyes bold and stand out on soft concrete since they are generally porous and don’t take in color well. However, it is possible to get dark, rich colors by using Surelock. He also commented that the custom design really gave the stencil a local flair, which is one of the main benefits of applying a stencil on your concrete surface – it adds personality.

he Polished Concrete Floors

The facility’s polished concrete floors

Stencil Process

The Stencil Process

The Finished Bokamper's Stencil

The Finished Bokamper’s Stencil

For more information about Ameripolish Surelock Dye, visit the department page here. Or, if you would like to know more about how to apply a stencil, please contact us and one of our reps would be more than happy to outline the process for you.