Crack chaser saws are designed to help simplify general crack repair in concrete, asphalt and stone. Building contractors, road crews and concrete contractors use crack chaser saws to repair roads, driveways, foundations and sidewalks because the blades not only cut through different materials such as nuts, bolts, rebar, fiberglass, PVC, ductile, HDPE, wire, rock, stone, epoxy, polyurea and caulking, they can follow, or chase, a random crack pattern and widen it so the cracks can be mended with fillers. In addition, crack chaser blades typically will not chip, crack or damage the surface that surrounds the crack.
Benefits of Crack Chaser Saws

  • Simplifies general crack repair
  • Can chase and widen cracks
  • Used on concrete, asphalt, atone and granite
  • Cuts through a variety of materials
  • Blades won’t chip, crack, damage surfaces
  • Can be used for both wet and dry cutting

A random crack chaser saw has a center-mounted blade and caster wheels that allow an operator to follow random crack patterns in the surface of the work area. Typically, an operator can also set a cutting depth with ease, while walking behind the machine.
Joint cleanout saws are use for cleaning out joints as well as concrete sawing and trench cutting. The up-cut rotation of the blade allows for complete material extraction and the saw can include an easy connection to a dust collection system.
The variety of crack chaser saws available from Runyon Surface Prep make your flooring jobs simpler. Below is a detailed comparison:
Crack Chaser Comparisons