Unlevel or deteriorating concrete presents dangers for guests, so much so that public municipalities must adhere to ADA guidelines for sidewalk hazards. There’s also the issue of aesthetic appeal and maintaining integrity in commercial and public concrete surfaces.

Some concrete equipment is better than others when it comes to repairing concrete surfaces, especially surfaces posing trip hazards. This post will highlight the best concrete equipment for repairing pathways and unlevel floors.

Concrete Scarifiers for Concrete Shaving and Repair

Scarifiers are great for chipping away the top layers of a concrete surface, resulting in a level space clear of coatings, bumps, and paint. Runyon has Von Arx scarifiers available that are capable of just that.

Benefits of using a scarifier for concrete surface repair:

  • Easy to use
  • Available in gas or electric power
  • Convenient drum & blade replacement
  • Typically removes concrete faster than floor grinders
  • Can be used to create non-slip surfaces

Scarifiers with variable depth adjusters also make them perfect for varying applications in concrete repair. And depending on your choice of blades, scarifier drums are capable of generating your surface roughness to levels needed for coating installations.

Floor Grinders for Concrete Surface Repair

For less serious concrete faults, that is concrete with lower-level differential, a walk-behind floor grinder should work just fine. With the right tooling (link), floor grinders can remove layers of concrete with little resistance.

Benefits of using a floor grinder for concrete surface repair:

  • There’s a wide range of diamond tools with grit levels capable of repairing or polishing as needed
  • Walk-behind grinders are relatively easy to transport
  • Great for warehouse use
  • Makes a great rental product

We recommend using a floor grinder when the discontinuity level of your concrete pathway is less than 1/8 of an inch. Otherwise, you’ll want to use something with greater removal capabilities.

What Is the Difference Between a Concrete Scarifier and a Grinder?

The primary difference between a concrete scarifier and a floor grinder is in the mechanics. A floor grinder makes use of a series of discs rotating in planetary motion, creating abrasive effects on surfaces with diamond pads attached to the rotating discs.

A scarifier, on the other hand, utilizes a drum with detachable cutting blades. The drum rotates forward and backward (rather than planetary) along an axle, causing the cutting blades to chip away at the surface. Scarifiers usually get much deeper into the concrete than floor grinders.

Why Is It So Important to Maintain Level Concrete Pathways?

Flooring maintenance may look vastly different between commercial operations, residential properties, and public spaces. But the hazards remain the same across all concrete surface types.

Above all, you should maintain your concrete surface, and repair it as needed, to ensure the safety of workers or guests. Unkempt concrete can result in trip hazards, which is why governing municipalities enforce compliance regulations for sidewalks and other public surfaces, and why organizations like OSHA enforce working environment standards.

A Concrete Surface Equipment Partner for Every Step of Your Project

Runyon Surface Prep offers an extensive catalog of concrete surface prep equipment. Whether you need to repair a sidewalk or install a brand new concrete floor, we carry every product necessary for job completion. Our quality products also make great rental equipment! 

When you partner with Runyon for your concrete surface needs, you obtain a business partner dedicated to supporting your business with all-things concrete surface work. 

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