RSP Revive Floor Cleaner




This pouch of RSP Revive Cleaner is a concentrate, to be diluted in 30 gallons of clean water. For heavy soil, you can reduce the dilution level. Surfaces can be cleaned using an auto scrubber or mop.

• If being used in an auto scrubber, use in conjunction with pads or brushes designed for the floor type being cleaned. Clean the auto scrubber per manufacturer’s directions.

• If cleaning with a mop, be sure the cleaner doesn’t pool or puddle in one area.

After cleaning, allow drying before traffic. Between cleanings, remove dust and debris with a microfiber pad or dry mop. Check wear of floor on a regular basis to determine if sealer needs to be reapplied.

• Concentrated Cleaner
• Removes Daily Debris
• Contains No Harsh Chemicals • Environmentally-Friendly
• Biodegradable
• Low VOC, VOC Compliant

• Ideal for Daily Cleaning of:
Polished Concrete | Terrazzo | Epoxy | Urethane

RSP Revive Pouches 15 gal $3.75 ea (36 per box) $135
RSP Revive Pouches 30 gal $4.00 ea (36 per box) $144

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Scrubber Option

15 Gallon Scrubber, 30 Gallon Scrubber