Inter-Tool DS3011 Hand-Held Planetary Polisher


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The DS3011 sets the industry standard for hand polishing concrete and stone. This planetary polisher/grinder is 5 times faster than single-head machines. It uses three 5″ diamond polishing, or grinding discs to produce a flatter, swirl-free surface. Better quality, delivered 5 times faster!



  • Scratch repair, slab, finished countertop, floor and bench
  • Restoration, countertop, floor bench and atrium
  • Secondary finishing: honing, polishing, burnishing and antiquing/leathering
Concrete and Other:
  • Polished countertops, fire pits and benches
  • Edging for polished floors, bathrooms and stairs
  • Concrete demos
  • Wood flooring
  • Cleaning fiberglass boat hulls, sanding drywall seams

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs



Spec Sheets


  • Inter-Tool base-to-pad rpm differential
  • Active gear/chain driven transmission
  • Powered by a heavy-duty Fein motor
  • Center coolant feed
  • Triple sealed bearings
  • Built-in vacuum port
  • Operates wet or dry
  • Slurry skirt included
  • Faster, flatter, higher polish than a single-headed machine
  • Higher polish than direct competitors
  • More durable than belt and gear driven transmissions
  • 3 year Fein Plus warranty activated when registered within 6 weeks of purchase
  • Increases durability
  • Cleaner operation
  • Flexibility in use
  • Power: 115V, 60 Hz
  • Current: 11 Amps
  • Driver Speed: 2500 rpm
  • Platform Speed: 405 rpm
  • Uncrated Weight: 30 lbs
  • Crated Weight: 37 lb
  • Grinding Width: 12″