Eibenstock 5″ Handheld Concrete Grinder with Diamond Wheel


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The EBS 1802 D Concrete Grinder removes paint, epoxy, glue, and other hard coatings. It can be used to prepare rough concrete and floors for the application of new epoxy and/or coatings. This grinder is solidly built with a 16 AMP motor to enable a high load capacity. The EBS 1802 D Concrete Grinder is especially suited for hard jobs, such as the grinding of two-component adhesives.

The EBS 1802 D’s high-performance motor is located just above the diamond grinding wheel. It is deliberately away from the dust, which helps to extend the life of this diamond wheeled grinder. To protect the life of the diamond wheel from dust and debris, a brush shield that comes on the hand grinder allows the height to be adjustable. The front edge of the dust guard is removable for close grinding up against the wall. This handy light-weight Eibenstock 5″ Hand Grinder is highly functional for all small jobs.

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Weight 15 lbs




Spec Sheets


  • Grinding and smoothing of surfaces
  • Removing of screed seams, residual mud, epoxy and thermoplastic coatings
  • Preparing of surfaces, e.g. for tile renovation
  • Concrete, screed, tile adhesive, plaster, paint, epoxy, coatings and carpet adhesive


  • Overload protection


  • Power Input: 14 amp
  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Load Speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Disc Diameter: 5″
  • Spindle Connection: 7/8″
  • Weight: 10 lbs