CTS Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix



Unit Price: $28.08
Minimum quantity: 56 (full pallet)



DOT Repair Mix is a high performance fast-setting concrete structural repair material. Apply in thicknesses of ½” to 4”. Use for concrete repair, highway repair, dowel bar retrofit, construction of pavements and bridges, parking decks and ramps, sidewalks and steps, joint repair, and formed work. Conforms to: ASTM C928.

  • Ready for traffic and loading in 1 hour.
  • Extendable by adding rock for large placements.
  • Air entrained for long life in critical applications.

When time is critical for repairing concrete pavements, bridge decks, industrial floors, parking structures, highways, airport runways, and freezer floors, Rapid Set DOT Repair Mix is your solution. DOT Repair Mix is a rich blend of specialty sand, Rapid Set Cement, and additives that are especially durable in harsh environments.

Mix DOT Repair Mix with water for a fast-setting, high-quality concrete repair material. Extend DOT Repair Mix up to 100 percent with high-quality aggregates that yield 0.8 cubic feet per 55-pound bag. If your jobs are in the Northeast U.S., from North Carolina and West Virginia up, you will want to use DOT Repair Mortar instead of DOT Repair Mix.

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Weight 3000 lbs




56 (full pallet)

Spec Sheets

DOT Repair Mix Datasheet.pdf
DOT Repair Mix MSDS.pdf