CTS Rapid Set 50 Pound TRU Self-Leveling Cement


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Use CTS Rapid Set 50 Pound TRU Floor Self-Leveling Cement Bag for high performance floor topping, underlayment and resurfacing projects. TRU Self-Leveling is ideal for projects that require long life and working time. It settles to a light off-white color ideal for stained, dyed or decorative aggregate flooring.

Not only can TRU grind, but it can also be used to polish, making it ideal for those shiny decorative floors. This 50 pound bag when mixed with water can be applied at a minimum thickness of 5/16″, with an average of 3/8″. Polish off those projects that require the trifecta of topping, underlayment and resurfacing with the CTS Rapid Set TRU Self-Leveling cement.

Small Patches with TRU Self-Leveling (when making repairs less than 6″ x 6″): you can’t prime the hole because it’ll leave a ring of primer around the hole. So clean it out, get down to the hard stuff (no loose stuff), wet the hole really good like doing a Cement All patch, and blow out extra water. Use tape to surround the hole so that the extra TRU doesn’t get on the polished concrete. Pour it in there – you want a lot of the sand, not the cream, so don’t mix the TRU really wet. Pour it a little higher than the rest of the floor to make sure that when you grind it off, you’re cutting down to the sand.


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 18 × 16 in


Spec Sheets


  • 50 pound bag
  • Average thickness of 3/8″
  • Floor Topping, Underlayment and Resurfacing

Data / Specs:
TRU Data Sheet.pdf
TRU Color Chart.pdf
TRU Polishing Technical Bulletin.pdf
TRU Multiple Coats Technical Bulletin.pdf