Prosoco SafEtch Non-Fuming Cleaner


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SafEtch is an effective, safe alternative to traditional acidic compounds for cleaning and preparing horizontal or vertical concrete for application of additional coatings, including hardeners/densifiers and clear or pigmented coatings. On fired clay surfaces, SafEtch effectively removes common construction and atmospheric staining, including excess grout and mortar modified with latex or other acrylic additives.

Non-fuming SafEtch contains no hydrochloric or other traditional inorganic acids and is safe for use on and around most metal surfaces. Additionally, it is up to 70 percent more effective than citric and glycolic acids, and 50 percent more effective than phosphoric acid.


  • Proven effective for removing common construction soiling, including mortar smears.
  • Effective on fired clay surfaces using latex-modified grout.
  • Replaces traditional mineral and organic acid products.
  • Removes efflorescence on decorative paving treatments.
  • Low-odor and water-rinsable.

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Weight 10 lbs

1 gal, 5 gal





Spec Sheets

Enviro Klean SafEtch PDS.pdf
Enviro Klean SafEtch SDS.pdf


  • SHELF LIFE: 3 years in tightly sealed, unopened container
  • VOC CONTENT: Non-applicable
  • FORM: Clear purple liquid; pleasant odor
  • PH: <1.0 @ 1:3 dilution
  • COVERAGE RATE: 100-500 sq ft/gal. See Product Data Sheet for variations per substrate.
  • FREEZE POINT: –22° F (–30° C)
  • FLASH POINT: >200° F (>93° C)
  • TOTAL SOLIDS: Non-applicable
  • WT/GAL: 9.24 lbs
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: 1-gal, 5-gal