Prosoco Brightwell High-Flow Dispenser


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Brightwell High Flow ECOMIX Compact Dispenser is easy to install and preset to achieve properly diluted, ready-to-use maintenance cleaners for concrete floors. Specific for use with Consolideck DailyKlean or Consolideck LSKlean. 

Once the cleaner formula runs out, users can simply swap out to a new container of product, reducing the chance for spills.

The dispenser does the work of mixing to specific dilution for applicators, making the floor cleaning process more efficient and fast.

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Weight 3 lbs


Spec Sheets


Brightwell Dispenser Spec Sheet




Before installation, read all information provided. Follow instructions as published in the Brightwell® High Flow
ECOMIX Compact Instruction Manual, included with the unit at shipping.

Working pressure range 30–70 psi (2–5 bar). Minimum water flow required HF=2.1 gal/m (7.9L p/m). Water temperature range 40–150°F (4–65°C). Dilution ratios as published on the enclosed Dilution Ratio Guide are recorded with water mains at 40 psi (2.76 bar). Please note that dilution ratios can change as a result of changes to pressure, temperature and chemical velocity. Installers must refer to the  manual for the correct installation instructions.