Husqvarna T 8600 Dust Extractor 480V


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Husqvarna’s T 8600 is an effective industrial dust collector to match the Husqvarna PG 820 RC, PG 820, PG 680 RC, PG 680, PG 530, and PG 400 grinders, as well as shavers, shot blasters and saws. It’s Ideal for heavy-duty work and exacting demands on dust extraction. It is compatible with other grinders including the HTC500, HTC650, and HTC800 with the included hose or can be used by itself with the floor tool. Its powerful 10.4 horsepower engine will ensure waste removal that the grinder leaves behind. It will not just fall over as it being dragged behind a grinder due to its sturdy 548-pound frame. The T8600 should be paired with the C5500 Pre-Separator.

For the ultimate concrete grinding and polishing clean-up, the Husqvarna T8600 Three Phrase 480 Volt HEPA Dust Extractor is perfect. Encasing two HEPA filters that guarantee cleaner air for the workers that are grinding, the T8600 is able to vacuum up debris. This not only keeps the workers working while protecting their lungs, it also allows less clean-up later. With this unit, unwanted materials go into a 3.5-gallon bag or a 70-foot Longopac tube that then can be put into 25 individual sealed bags that are easily disposed of without operator contact.

Additional information

Weight 548 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 28 × 70 in



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  • Three Phrase 480 Volt
  • Turbine Motor
  • Weighs 548 pounds
  • 10.4 Horsepower
  • Jet Pulse Filter Cleaning System
  • Longopac dust free direct disposal into plastic bags

Included Machine Components:

  • 3″, 33-ft grinder hose
  • 2″, 25 ft. hose
  • Wand
  • Floor Tool
  • T8600 Camlock Reducer Connector 3″ to 2″
  • T8600 Longopac bags, 1 pack

Available Accessories:

  • T8600 Longopac bags, 4 pack
  • T8600 3 Hose Assembly (33′ long)
  • T8600 2 Hose Assembly (25′ long)
  • T8600 2-Piece Steel Wand (2)
  • T8600 Floor Tool (2″ x 14.5″)
  • T8600 HEPA Filter, T-Line
  • T8600 Rubber Blade Set
  • T8600 Filter Sock Assembly
  • T8600 Power Plug
  • T8600 Grinder Power Plug
  • T8600 Distribution Box (Conversion of Power Box into Distribution Box

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