HTC S Series Diamond Tool


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The diamond segments have been given a uniform design within each series and a new, thoroughly tested composition increases the removal rate during grinding by up to 30% and the life length up to 40%. The new S series indicates the type of concrete for which it is best suited, i.e. soft. This tool is used for grinding on very abrasive surfaces. The segment has a long life. The areas of use for the tool series overlaps, which makes the choice of tool easier and simplifies the process for achieving the desired grinding result. The S Series scores 2-3 on the Moh's Scratch Test. The S Series is only available in double segment.

Estimated Coverage Rate (life of the tool): 7,000-9,000 sq ft

Note: SMHX tooling replaces HTC's tools in the C, CA, SF and CX series.

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*Pricing valid in the continental US only*

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.5 in

25 grit #213049-2, 40 grit #213049-3, 80 grit #213049-4, 150 grit #213049-5




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SMHX Series Product Sheet