Ermator T7500 Three Phase 230 Volt HEPA Dust Extractor


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T 7500 is an effective industrial dust extractor to match the grinding machines Husqvarna PG 820, PG 680 and PG 400 (3-phase) as well as shavers, shot blasters and saws. Ideal for heavy-duty work and exacting demands on dust extraction. T 7500 is equipped with a quiet, yet powerful turbine motor delivering exceptional airflow. The machine can deal with materials that are difficult to handle, such as grinding dust and demolition materials in a wide variety of applications. Has a reliable filter system with high collecting efficiency and a long filter life, and can deal with large quantities of fine dust. Comes with two oversized tested and certified HEPA class H13 filters and sock-style pre-filters providing nonstop grinding and a long service life. The pre-filters can be cleaned from outside of the tank via Jet Pulse negative air pressure. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

Use the T7500 HEPA Dust Extractor during the floor removal process when handling all harmful building materials including asbestos and lead for safe collection and disposal. The 230 Volt dust collector is ideal for use in factories, processing plants and mills.

This extractor can be used with a variety of grinders. The T7500 comes 3-inch, 33-ft grinder hose and complete floor tool kit including 2-inch, 25 ft. hose, wand and floor tool.

Collect all of the grinding dust and debris from major job sites with the Husqvarna T7500 Three Phase 230 Volt HEPA Dust Extractor!

Model Number: T7500
Product Code: 200600404A

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Additional information

Weight 548 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 27 × 49 in


Spec Sheets


  • Longopac System
  • Weighs 548 pounds
  • Certified HEPA Filters
  • Three Phrase 230 Volts
  • 20% more Filter Capacity

Included Machine Components:

  • 3″, 33-ft Grinder Hose
  • 2″, 25 ft. Hose Wand
  • Floor Tool

Available Accessories:

  • T7500 Power Plug
  • T7500 Grinder Power Plug
  • T7500 Longopac bags, 4 pack
  • T7500 Camlock 3″ to 2″ Reducer Connector * T7500 3 Hose Assembly (33′ long)
  • T7500 2 Hose Assembly (25′ long)
  • T7500 2-Piece Steel Wand (2)
  • T7500 Floor Tool (2″ x 14.5)
  • T7500 Rubber Blade Set
  • T7500 HEPA Filter, T-Line
  • T7500 Filter Sock Assembly
  • T7500 Distribution Box (Conversion of Power Box into Distribution Box

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