The ES2000 is a machine that solves problems encountered in flooring removal. Problems such as ride-on machines getting so big and heavy they are hard to transport without large trucks with equally large liftgates or custom trailers. Problems like machines being too unstable due to high center of gravity, or having no convenient place to put all the extra attachments you need to keep with the machine. The ES2000 solves these problems. Weighing in at just under 2000 lbs it can be loaded in a standard passenger elevator without removing any weights. Its patented frame design with Forward Slope Technology maximizes the performance of the machine by keeping heavy duty support structures close to the line of force. This allows the machine to operate as effectively as heavier machines without the extra weight.  The low center of gravity makes the machine safer and more comfortable to operate with the low seat height.

The integrated cargo deck provides a convenient place to put extra blades and holders, while the dual function blade adjustment allows the operator to set an optimum blade height and angle for a wide range of removal situations with out getting out of the seat. The 10 kWh AGM battery system is maintenance free and all batteries are easily accessible for  testing or replacement if it should ever be required. With a travel speed of up to 150 feet per minute and up to 8 hours of runtime the ES2000 is capable of the high production rate required in large jobs while retaining the ability to fit through a standard door and maneuver in tight spaces. Don’t continue putting up with the problems, solve them with a better machine.


Made For…


  • All flooring removal contractors
  • Rental Centers
  • Work areas requiring equipment with zero emissions
  • Primary use on all types of floor coverings including difficult ceramic, wood, and coatings




Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 59.6 × 27 × 44.8 in

Spec Sheets

ES2000 TDS