For many, preparing and finishing a concrete floor without the need of material installations is a no-brainer. This approach will check a lot of boxes for property owners and contractors – whether that be price, aesthetic, convenience, or another benefit. That’s not to say there aren’t perks that are unique to hardwood, tiles, or carpet. They of course come with their own unmatched elements.

If you’re preparing for a flooring renovation or a new build and you’re unsure of what approach to take, maybe this post can help! We’ll walk you through the reasons why concrete provides all you need for a beautiful floor – commercial property or otherwise.

Concrete Floors Are Versatile

Concrete flooring has a way of complimenting just about any environment it’s in. This is in part due to its simplicity but also due to the nature of the coating choices available. When you use concrete coating like epoxy and polyaspartic coats, you provide a potentially slip-resistant and chemical-resistant surface which lends well to a variety of industries and residential needs.

A home garage, for example, or mechanic shop with heavy foot traffic and spillage are best left to a coated concrete approach. Of course, that’s a bit more obvious as examples go – what about an office? Or a home gym? You only need to think a little outside the box to see the range of possibilities.

Visual Appeal: Dull and Gray? Hardly!

Your first thought when it comes to the concrete visual appearance may be that natural gray state it’s known for. But thanks to the variety of dyes and pigments you can pair with your concrete coating, there are a lot of opportunities for creativity. Most coating works well with a range of pigments, including (but not limited to) several shades and variations of green, yellow, blue, and red.

You could also go with the stain approach, which would maintain the natural texture of the concrete while giving it a hue (and shine) that matches your property’s aesthetic or company brand.

And then there’s the aggregate flooring option. The Terrazzo method can bring depth and elegance to a concrete surface that you simply wouldn’t get from tiles or hardwood. While you may need the help of a hired creative professional, should you go this route, you’re sure to end up with a stunning result.

Longevity and Maintenance

Finished correctly, your concrete floor is sure to last several years after installation. Compare that to carpet, which is not only difficult to keep clean but may need to be replaced after only five years of use – or sooner in a heavy-traffic, commercial environment.  

Speaking of keeping your floors clean, concrete surfaces may be the lowest maintenance surfaces out there. For many environments, the concrete floor may only need your traditional housekeeping methods and the occasional buff to keep it clean and shining long term.

Elements like dirt, oils, and various material scraps may be easily wiped away. And for more heavy-duty operations, industrial vacuums can go a long way in making concrete maintenance easy.

Seek Professional Surface Installation Services

That said, a lot of the longevity and quality maintenance of a finished concrete surface depends heavily on the adequacy of the initial preparation. If there are cracks in the concrete or excess moisture where there shouldn’t be and the workers don’t take measures to solve these issues, you may end up with bubbles in the coating or, worse, an uneven concrete surface that could result in an ugly appearance and tripping hazard.

Comparing Concrete Vs. Hardwood or Carpeted Flooring? The Choice Is Obvious to Us

We’re not just fond of concrete, concrete is our business. The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with taking a different route. But we’re certain that with the right approach to your concrete surface, and with the proper equipment, you won’t regret the final product. In fact, you’ll love it.

Quality Surface Prep Products and In-Depth Industry Knowledge

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