The right concrete surface equipment can set you up for long-term quality and project success. Of course, not everyone will require substantial investments in their equipment – especially those who work in a dynamic, evolving industry or do odd jobs here and there. Still, some equipment is multi-purpose and lends well to efficiency when purchased while others may benefit the user simply with an annual or bi-annual rental.

At Runyon Surface Prep, we understand the predicament professionals find themselves in when it comes to investment in concrete surface equipment. From the clear advantages to the not-so-obvious that may not have crossed your mind, we’re covering the ways you can benefit from renting vs. purchasing your concrete surface equipment.

Of Course – Convenience

This is likely on your mind if you’re thinking of purchasing your equipment and you intend to use it regularly. The convenience of owning your own product may be enough for you to shell out the funds for it. But whether you’re tearing up old flooring or preparing concrete floors for a new build, there’s a lot that goes into the process.

Convenient as it may be to own a floor scraper or shot blaster, you still need to ask yourself: How often will you use it? The beauty of renting concrete surface equipment is that it equally benefits the renter and the rental company. So, if you’re looking for convenience, be sure you know what product you’ll need and when you’ll need it – that way you can determine which one is worth investing in and which one should be rented given your situation.

Maintenance and Lifespan  

While a good quality machine or tool will require little maintenance over the years, the edge here may go to the renter. When you rent equipment like power trowels and grinders, the upkeep for the lifespan of the product isn’t on you but on the owner.

It’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain the equipment in good working condition for future rental use and so they can continue to make a profit on it. Renters, then, benefit in that (in an ideal scenario) they will receive a product that’s ready to use and without defect – not to mention the cost for maintenance is on the owner.

Can I Rely on Previously Used Equipment?

Yes, the rental company will take care of the maintenance aspect of the product. But the fact still remains that you’re acting on faith when you rent. Can you trust the tool to work as you need it to? Wear and tear happens. But a quality rental company knows when their product’s time is up. 

If you really want peace of mind, ask a few pertinent questions before finalizing the transaction or research the model of the equipment you’re interested in before making the call.

Preparedness and Professional Growth

When you own your own surface prep equipment, you’re ready for the work when you get the call. In the same vein as convenience, there’s no calling, waiting or ordering; no wondering when you can get started. Owning equipment also enables you to grow as a professional—or even semi-professional.

The more exposure you have to your equipment, the more you learn about that particular make and model and the more informed you’ll be for future use. You may even find yourself experimenting and deviating from your machine’s typical use to see where else it can benefit, which leads us to the next point.

The Opportunity to Try Something New

This point applies to both the veteran surface prep professional and the first-time equipment user. Renting a product gives you the chance to try it out without the hassle of either 1) returning it if it doesn’t work out or 2) being stuck with it. And considering the price tag on some equipment, that could be quite the disadvantage for anyone less-than-serious about their endeavor.

Considering the evolving industry of surface prep equipment, there’s nothing wrong with taking your time and getting to know a product before spending hard-earned money on it.

Concrete Surface Prep Products for Contractors, Big Businesses and Property Owners

At Runyon, we’re proud to offer equipment for both purchase and rent. Whatever the need, we’ll partner with you in the short or long term to ensure you deliver quality surface work and something you can be proud of.  

We also have a wide range of coating products, decorative aggregate, and much more. Give us a call or reach out online to learn more.