Vasco/Wendy, Thanks very much for your assistance in getting the pigments sent to us as quickly as possible. We received the pigments on Thursday afternoon and had the entire floor installed by Friday Morning! Thankfully we had no problems with the product or pump. The best thing about this job is the training we did at your facility in Carmel. Had we not done this, there is no way we would have been able to pull this off and once again we cannot thank you guys enough for this. There was a moment of panic when we started the joint filling since it didn’t look like the material on hand was going to be sufficient. The saw cuts to be filled were 3/4” and we verified this by checking each one prior to commencing the job. We used 1” (overfill & wastage)  for our calculations and using the coverage calculator for Metzger products this should have given us 80 lf/gal. The total amount of joints to be filled was 4500’. We had 80 Gallons of product so using the calculations/formula we should have had 6400’ of product on hand. However, once we started pumping, we realized that the consumption was much more than we expected and the overfill was minimal. We finished the job with one gallon remaining (79 Gallons used – 4500’). 

Thanks once again for your support and guidance.