I purchased a propane concrete grinder from Runyon. Angela handled my purchase like a Boss! Odessa in shipping kept in close touch, and during some bumpy shipper problems, she stepped in and handled everything flawlessly. The freight company lost a component in transit, John in parts got the missing part out overnight, boom, done! Once I began using my new grinder, about 4 days in, an electric clutch failed. I called Runyon, and Angela put me in touch with Bruce in the rental equipment side. He carefully and patiently helped me troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair my problem. They took my calls, even after normal hours, stood by me as a business owner, and offered solutions, never excuses. They workshopped quick responsive solutions, offered alternatives, and stood with me. THAT is what a solid business relationship is! They never once became defensive, they worked through it with me, every single person I talked to. Equipment breaks, even new equipment, it happens. How you are treated at that point is what matters. Runyon treated me like a partner, like a team member. I will always be grateful. I’m glad I found them.