As your one-stop shop for all things concrete polishing, surface preparation, and resinous flooring, Runyon Surface Prep strives to always provide our customers with the very best. To that end, we’re constantly seeking out industry partners and the perfect products to stock our shelves. We’re pleased to announce that you can now purchase a variety of Key Resin concrete coating products from us!

Key Resin Company has been around for almost 30 years. Headquartered in Ohio (not too far from our own state of Indiana), Key Resin produces high-quality products for the resinous floor, terrazzo, and coated concrete sectors. We’re very excited to add a selection of their products to our offerings. Here’s a brief rundown of the various Key Resin primers, binders, and sealers now available from Runyon Surface Prep.

Key Resin Products

502 Epoxy Primer

Key Resin’s #502 Epoxy Primer is ideal for use with concrete, wood, and masonry surfaces. Because of its excellent dampness tolerance, it can be applied to damp concrete after surface preparation. This makes it the perfect choice for use as a repair resin, bonding adhesive, and binder resin. Whether you’re patching epoxy mortar or bonding divider strips into the substrate, you can’t go wrong with this primer. And on top of its versatility, KEY #502 is also low-odor and meets USGBC LEED criteria for IEQ 4.2 for low VOC.

510 Epoxy Binder

KEY #510 is an excellent choice for both patch work and slope work. This multi-purpose epoxy body binder and topcoat can be used with a variety of Key Resin flooring systems. With a low odor during application and cure, the product can easily be applied in occupied buildings—making coordinating projects and installations that much easier.

511 Epoxy Glaze

Need a general-purpose epoxy resin that’s chemical resistant, UV stable, essentially odorless, and perfect for grouting? Pick up Key Resin’s #511. This epoxy glaze is appropriate for mortars, broadcast systems, slurries, and coating applications. KEY #511 Part A Resin can be purchased in bulk and combined with selected Part B Hardeners for use as a topcoat, body/binder coat, or primer. Like many Key Resin products, #511 is low-odor and can be used in installations taking place in occupied areas.

510-CV Epoxy Paste

Covering a vertical surface? With its non-sag thixotropic properties, KEY #510-CV will help you get the job done. This multi-purpose epoxy binder has a paste consistency and can be used for Key Cove base systems or as a general-purpose spackle or filler compound. Versatile, low-odor, and USDA-approved for use in food handling applications, KEY #510-CV is an ideal choice for your vertical resin needs.

We recommend mixing KEY 510-CV with quartz sand for an industrial floor and decorative aggregate for a decorative floor. For grouting applications, use this product with KEY #511. For a topcoat, use it with KEY #467 HS.

467-HS Urethane Sealer 

For a finish coating that will perform beautifully both indoors and outdoors, turn to KEY #467-HS. This two-component polyurethane coating offers superior abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and stain resistance. Additionally, it’s low-VOC and compliant with all state and federal environmental air quality standards. This 100% solids product produces a durable, glossy finish that will hold up on both concrete floors and walls.

445 Urethane Coating/Sealer

If you need a water-based polyurethane with a shorter working time and a matte finish, go with KEY #445. This two-component product provides superb stain, mar, and chemical resistance, along with excellent adhesion, low odor, and fast cure time. While most solvent-based urethanes raise both environmental and health concerns, KEY #445 avoids those issues while delivering ideal performance properties.

This product is appropriate for use as a topcoat, finish, or seal coat for most Key Resin floor and wall coating systems. We’ve sen KEY #445 used in applications ranging from clean rooms to stained concrete projects!

Concrete Coatings, Consumables, and More

Whether you’re interested in trying out the Key Resin line or you’re in need of advice on the best coating or sealer for a project, you can count on us. The concrete polishing and surface preparation experts at Runyon Surface Prep will work diligently to get you the equipment, supplies, and expert industry advice you need to complete a high-quality job. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you!