“Runaround” Rob Harris has truly grown up on the move. Born in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida, back in ’95, he moved first to California, then back east again to Georgia, and then finally ended up in Indiana, all before he’d made it through kindergarten. The youngest of three children, all born 5 years apart, Rob now lives in Charlestown, IN, only a few miles northeast of Louisville, on the Ohio River.

Growing up, sports had always been his thing. Although he’d started off in basketball, once he’d reached Middle School, he found his passion for football. And from that point on, he was in it to win it, playing offensive guard for his high school team, the Charlestown Pirates, while also working his first job at Zaxby’s Chicken. By the time he was a senior, he’d worked his way up to assistant manager there, and was responsible for the whole store, quality of food, employee conduct and more. Basically, he was a busy young man!

Upon graduation from Charlestown High School, where he was also voted class clown, Rob got a job at HS Diamond Billiards where he operated their CNC shaping machine for a year. Still finding his way in the world, he spent another couple years working commercial glazing jobs around the Louisville area. But once he took a position with a polishing contractor, with his heart set on gaining field experience in the surface prep industry, he was welcomed back to our world to stay.

For that wasn’t his first meet-up with concrete, not by a long shot. Rob had literally been born into the Surface Prep Industry! Ever since he’d been able to walk and talk, Rob was working summers and holidays with his father, Bob Harris, stamping and staining concrete, and doing everything that goes along with it. He even helped his father with a job in Puerto Rico where they stayed at a luxury resort while doing the floors. When it comes to concrete flooring, he’s probably seen it all.

Joining us with a lifetime of experience and proven work ethic, we are thrilled to have had “Runaround” Rob on the RSP sales team for the past 2 years. His enthusiasm is contagious and he is always willing to go that “extra mile.” And when he is not racking up those miles visiting customers throughout the Midwest, he spends his spare time hunting, fishing, riding 4-wheelers and hanging out with friends and family. And can you believe it? Even with all his travels during the week, if he’s ever bored, he still loves to take a nice drive just for fun. “Runaround” Rob truly lives up to his name and we are so happy that he is part of the RSP family. You can follow his journeys on our social pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, YouTube).